Hayes Alba Warren Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Net-Worth, Parents

Hayes Alba Warren

Hayes Alba Warren

Hayes Alba Warren is the third son of popular film actress Jessica Alba and producer Cash Warren. His parents met in 2004 first and fell head over heels in the course of production of the “Fantastic Four”. After 4 years, they got married and were living happily with each other. As they began having children, Hayes was the third child in their family.

His birth was documented in several magazines and was a matter of great curiosity for the Entertainment world. His mother is very popular and regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in the current Hollywood scene. That’s the reason why Hayes is so popular despite his infancy.

Name Hayes Alba Warren
Birthday December 31, 2017
Age 2
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Jessica Alba, Cash Warren
Siblings Honor Warren and Haven Warren
Instagram @hayes.alba.warren

10 Facts On Hayes Alba Warren

  1. Hayes Alba Warren is currently 2 years old. He is just an infant but is very popular all because of her superstar mother.
  2. He was born on December 31, 2017, and his birth sign is Capricorn.
  3. Hayes is not on Wikipedia but there isn’t a scarcity of sites that have written a lot about hs Wiki details.
  4. Regarding his height, I suspect he’s somewhere from 2 to 3 feet but that information has not been disclosed yet.
  5. His mother is a popular actress by the name of Jessica Alba who has a lot of followers around the world.
  6. Warren’s father is Cash Warren. He is much less popular than his wife but he is also involved in the movie business.
  7. Hayes has 2 other siblings. His sisters’ names are Honor Warren and Haven Warren.
  8. He’s just 2 years old which is why he doesn’t have a net worth figure yet.
  9. Hayes’s grandfather Michel Warren is a basketball player as well as a former Hill Street Blues actor.
  10. Hayes doesn’t have an official Instagram because he’s too young t use it. However, his fan accounts are on Instagram.

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