He Has No Lips Tiktok Original

He Has No Lips Tiktok Original – Tatayanna Mitchell and Devin Caherly Video
He Has No Lips Tiktok Original – Tatayanna Mitchell and Devin Caherly Video

He has no Lips is a very funny sentence used by a TikToker Tatayanna Mitchell on her TikTok video. it’s not funny to everyone but to those who know the context and perhaps follow Tatayanna or Devin Caherly, you know how funny this thing is.

This is a saga of TikTok duet video started randomly and now, it’s one of the funniest stuff out there on TikTok. Popular TikToker Tatayanna creates duet videos on TikTok. What that means is that you react to another TikToker’s contents and make a joke out of the situation in your video.

He Has No Lips TikTok Video

He Has No Lips is a really funny line spoken by @therealtati on TikTok. Tatayanna Mitchell used to make duet videos with other TikToker on the platform and the videos were really funny. She made duet videos with many people but her most famous one is with fellow TikToker Devin Caherly.

This is the TikTok video that Tatayanna made and people really found it oddly funny. She has made other lip sync videos as well but her signature thing is the duet videos. And amongst all the people she does duet videos with, the ones with Devin Caherly have been the most followed ones.

He Has No Lips…How He Gonna Get A Kiss Meaning

He has no kiss is just a random song or rather a spoken word that @therealtati used on her TikTok video. It just says he has no lips, how he gonna get a kiss?…very ugly..haha

This is one of those things on TikTok that’s very random. It has no significance other than it’s just a video and some people like it whereas some don’t and that’s cool. It’s just used to make fun of people who have very thin lips.

TikTokers ake these videos of celebrities and other TikTokers as well. But it’s not meant to be serious.

Devin Caherly TikTok video About Tatayanna

Devin Caherly took it to TikTok and made an announcement that if he got a million likes on the video, he would fly Tatayanna to New Jersey and that they would meet. This was very clever from Devin as fans were wanting it to happen for a long time.

He asked fans to like and share his video and got a promotion from that. But it’s a really cool video if someone is announcing to fly out their virtual friend to their place.


##duet with @devincaherly go like!!!

♬ original sound – devincaherly

Tatayanna Mitchell Reaction On Devin’s TikTok Video

Tatayanna makes duet videos. So, there was no question that she was going to react to the TikTok video posted by Devin. She made this video and posted it on her TikTok account. 

The video is really sweet as she is seen packing her bags and getting excited to meet Devin. But that was going to happen only if the video got a million likes from the fans. The thing about a million likes was a good way to get likes and generate attention to his channel.

Fans loved it and were determined and also very excited at the possibility of Devin and Tati meeting in real life.

What Happened At The End?


Look I kissed her hahah @thereal_tati

♬ every kiss begins with… – dumbgir1

This happened!!!! They really met in real life as well. Devin posted this video of him dancing with Tatayanna on his TikTok channel. He actually flew out Tatayanna to New Jersey and they made this sweet video together.

The caption says “Look I kissed her” and the song used in the background is “every kiss begins with”. The video has generated 138 thousand likes in just five hours of being posted and I am sure more likes are to follow.

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