He Is Not Married and Doesn’t Have A Wife

Lindsey Graham Fans Believes He Is Gay: He Is Not Married and Doesn’t Have A Wife

Lindsey Graham Fans Believes He Is Gay: He Is Not Married and Doesn’t Have A Wife

Who is Lindsey Graham’s Wife or Is Lindsey Graham Gay? A lot of his supporters believe that he is gay because the Senator has not been married and rumors of his closeted homosexuality have been in the media since he became a politician. 

After several male adult film stars came out and said that the Senator had conjugal relationships with many male escorts over the years, rumors of him being gay spread like wildfire. 

Name Lindsey Graham
Birthday July 9, 1955
Age 65
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Politician; Senator
Net Worth $3 Million
Married/Single Single (never been married)
Twitter LindseyGrahamSC

10 Facts About Lindsey Graham

  1. Lindsey Graham’s supporters and many people believe that the senator is gay. According to many supporters of the opposition and various accounts of male escorts, he is gay but has remained closeted throughout his life. 
  2. The US Senator From South Carolina has remained a bachelor all of his life. 
  3. He is also a strict follower of the Southern Baptist division of Christianity and has said many times in public that he is against the idea of same-sex marriage. 
  4. In addition to this, he has also been against homosexuality, he has expressed this idealogy in Senate and in some public political events. 
  5. Due to what some people describe as ‘his blatant homophobia’, he has been called a closeted gay man.
  6. In fact, after Senator Larry Craig was found soliciting s*x in a men’s bathroom, many people came out and accused him of having affairs with multiple men including male escorts. Graham has also been called a homosexual.
  7. The rumors of his sexual orientation have been running rampant for over 25 years.
  8. When directly asked about his sexual orientation, Graham said that he was just a loner but many have speculated that he is hiding something. 
  9. Gay adult-film star Sean Harding made allegations against the Senator and even said in a Tweet that Graham was known as ‘Lady G’ among male escorts and male sex workers. 
  10. As of 2020, the rumors have not been confirmed. 

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