Heather Tallchief Wikipedia Age – Where Is Her Son Dylan Eaton Now?

Netflix Heist Heather Tallchief Wiki And Update – Where Is She Today?

Netflix Heist Heather Tallchief Wiki And Update – Where Is She Today?

Heather Tallchief is not found on Wikipedia yet. Meet her son Dylan Eaton via the article below. 

Heather Tallchief is America’s most wanted woman as she had done one of the most dramatic and big heists back in 1993. Netflix is featuring her story as a show based on a true-crime documentary. 

Heather Tallchief Wikipedia – Her Update Today

Heather Tallchief is not found on Wikipedia. 

45 years old Heather falls among the most wanted robbers in America. Heather is from a fugitive family in Buffalo. Her parents were divorced when she was just two years old. A bad family environment might have inspired her in the crime.

She had robbed the truck of Loomis containing money worth $3 million and ran away with the money. She was just 21 years old at the time. As mentioned, her boyfriend was also played a part in the heist. 

Previously, she had studied and worked as a nurse. When she met her boyfriend for the first time, she used to work as a driver. 

After the heist, she had moved to Amsterdam with her boyfriend. After more than a decade, she returned to America with her son in 2005.

It was now that she got arrested in charge of a fake passport, and she had surrendered for her heist at that point.

For her crime, she was sentenced to 63 months of jail. Also, she was asked to repay all the money. She was freed from jail in the summer of 2010, and there is no information about what happened after that. She keeps a low profile nowadays.

Where Is Her Son Dylan Eaton Now?

Heather Tallchief had a son named Dylan Eaton with her boyfriend, Roberto Solis, in Amsterdam.

Heather never wanted her son to have a fugitive life like her, so she returned to America with him. He was only ten when she got arrested. 

According to the Netflix Heist, he now lives with his maternal grandparents and has American citizenship. 

Heather Tallchief Ex-Boyfriend Roberto Solis

Roberto Solis was Heather’s ex-boyfriend and also her crime partner. Unfortunately, the couple is not together right now. With all the money, Solis has gone contactless over the years.

As mentioned by Heather, if he is alive, he would be 75 years old now. 

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