Helen Harvey Tattersall Net Worth, Wikipedia: Martin Bryant Partner

Was Martin Bryant Dating Helen Harvey? Port Arthur Massacre Documentary Update

Was Martin Bryant Dating Helen Harvey? Port Arthur Massacre Documentary Update

Helen Harvey was heiress to Tattersall and she always had a relationship with Martin Bryant. Lets dig deeper. 

Helen Harvey was the friend of the mass shooter Martin Bryant, who killed many in the Port Arthur massacre.

It is considered to be one of the world’s deadliest massacres that ever happened. During which 35 people were killed with more than 23 injuries.

Helen Harvey’s name comes in the infamous massacre that happened in 1996. Here are things we know about her.

Helen Harvey Wikipedia

Helen Harvey does not have a Wikipedia bio for now.

She is the granddaughter of David Hastie Harvey, who was the General Manager of the Tattersall’s gambling empire.

Later she became the heiress to a share in the Tattersall’s lottery fortune.

In the year 1988, she was named a beneficiary in the will of the Tattersall’s lottery founder, George Adams.

Moreover, she was a guardian and friend of killer Martin Bryant. However, was less social and eccentric.

Helen Harvey’s age was 54 years old when she met Martin Bryant who was 19 years of age.

Despite the 35 years of age gap, they became firm friends, perhaps, more than that.

She was a lover of animals and lived with more than 20 dogs and 20 cats.

Martin Bryant Partner: Where Is she now?

Helen Harvey died in October 1992.

Both Martin and Helen were involved in a car accident.

Helen was killed. Martin, who was in the passenger seat, was injured and luckily survived.

In her will, she left part of her estate, several hundred thousand dollars, and three properties to Martin Bryant.

Helen Harvey Net Worth

Helen Harvey’s net worth is not known.

However, she was born into a very rich family. Harvey was the owner of multiple properties and farmland.

She had inherited the 29-hectare farm in Copping, a Clare Street Mansion, and all the Tattersall’s income.

It is said that Martin Bryant spent more than $650,000 he inherited from Harvey.

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