Henke Pistorius Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth: Oscar Pistorius Dad

Henke Pistorius Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth: Facts On Oscar Pistorius Dad

Henke Pistorius Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth: Facts On Oscar Pistorius Dad

Henke Pistorius is very well-known as Oscar Pistorius‘s dad who has been in the limelight after his son’s life documentary named The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius was released recently. His son, Oscar is a former sprinter who was proven guilty in 2015 for the murder of his own girlfriend named Reeva Steenkamp. As per official reports, he had killed her on February 14, 2013, at his own home. 

Name Henke Pistorius
Birthday March 15, 1953
Age 67 years
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Married/Single Widowed
Wife Sheila Pistorius (died in 2006)
Children Oscar Pistorius, Aimee Pistorius, and Carl Pistorius

Currently, he is in the prison at Attridgeville Correctional Centre and will serve until the year 2023. It is believed that he had shot Reeva four times and he even claimed that he mistook her as an intruder. Although not much information is known about Henke, we have tried our best to include all the information that we have accumulated in the below-listed 10 facts.

10 Facts on Henke Pistorius:

  1. Talking about Henke Pistorius’s age at first, he was born on March 15, 1953, and thus, he is currently already 67 years old. 
  2. Since he was born as well as raised in South Africa, his nationality is actually South African. 
  3. Although there are no wiki sites written about Henke Pistorius, we hope you will get to know a lot about him from this article.
  4. According to MG, he once said in an interview that the family had kept guns for protection as well as hunting. 
  5. Moving on to his married life, the name of Henke Pistorius’s wife was Sheila Pistorius who died in 2006 as a result of a brain hemorrhage. 
  6. As per reports claimed by The Sun, he had refused to sign a statement from his son that said the ammunition belonged to him.  
  7. Currently, we have no idea about Henke Pistorius’s net worth but it is currently being reviewed and will be updated very soon.
  8. Moreover, we have nothing to speak about his parents and siblings currently. 
  9. Also, there is nothing to know about Henke Pistorius’s job but we will find that out soon too.
  10. Talking more about Henke Pistorius’s family, he and his wife, Sheila gave birth to the other two children apart from Oscar. They are Aimee Pistorius and Carl Pistorius

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