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Who Is Tina Gonzalez? Everything We Know On Former Fresno Officer

Who Is Tina Gonzalez? Everything We Know On Former Fresno Officer

Tina Gonzalez from Fresno is a Reddit hot topic discussion. Who is She? Find Out.

Shocking news developed in the Fresno correction department in 2019. A former correction officer, Tina Gonzalez, has now become an inmate herself.

Gonzalez is accused of having an intimate relationship with an inmate and supplying him with some illegal prison objects. 

Tina Gonzalez Fresno Reddit

Tina Gonzalez is a former correction officer from Fresno.

There are discussions about Tina Gonzalez on Reddit due to her alleged inappropriate behavior.

On May 1, 2020, Gonzalez was arrested by Fresno County Sheriff Department. The department accused the former officer of having sexual relationships with an inmate.

In early December of 2019, the other jail staff members received a tip that an inmate was having affair with Gonzalez and also possessed a cellphone. On investigation, they found that the accusations were true.

Moreover, they also discovered that Gonzalez had snuck alcohol and razor blades into the prison. 

Eventually, the police charged Tina Gonzalez with sexual activity with an inmate, possession of a cellphone with an intent to deliver to an inmate and possession of a controlled substance in jail.

Explore Tina Gonzalez Age and Wiki

Tina Gonzalez is 26 years old in age.

She worked as a correction officer from 2016 to 2019. She eventually retired at the end of December 2019, following the investigations.

Tina Gonzalez doesn’t have a Wiki website.

Apparently, Tina was previously married. In fact, her defense attorney said to the judge that her actions were the result of her bad marriage and vulnerability. 

Does Tina Have Instagram And Facebook?

Tina doesn’t have Facebook or Instagram.

She might have deleted all of her social accounts following her arrest. But, Gonzalez’s mugshot is getting viral all over the internet.

In 2021, Judge Michael Idiart in Fresno County sentenced Tina to 210 days in prison and two years in probation.   

Gonzalez’s Video from the court is private for now.

The former officer apparently accepted her crimes and had no prior criminal records. Otherwise, she could have faced up to 16 months in prison.

She might be out by mid of October 

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