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Who is Sybil Sever? Everything on Herbert Kretzmer’s Wife

Who is Sybil Sever? Everything on Herbert Kretzmer’s Wife

Sybil Sever is the wife of the late Herbert Kretzmer. Her husband was a very famous journalist and lyricist. How did the journalist Herbert Kretzmer die? On October 14, 2020, her husband died at the age of 95, the reason behind his death is yet to be known.

Name Sybil Sever
Gender Female
Nationality British
Married/Single Widow
Husband Herbert Kretzmer (died on October 14, 2020)

Her husband’s first wife was Elisabeth Margaret Wilson with whom he got married in 1961 and got divorced in 1973. And, in 1988, she had tied the knot with her late husband. Her husband was a legend who earned a lot of honors and awards for his remarkable works in music as well as the journalism industry. 

Though she is the wife of a very famous personality, people know only a few things about her. There are thousands of people who are wanting to know her closely and the below facts will certainly help them out. 

10 Facts on Sybil Sever:

  1. Sybil Sever is well-known for being the wife of the late lyricist and journalist named Herbert Kretzmer.
  2. Since there is nothing about her on the internet, we are unknown about her age too.
  3. Unlike her husband, she is not a very popular personality which is why her details are not available on Wikipedia. So, these 10 facts are the only source of information you will find on the web. 
  4. Also, she has never shared anything about her family members. 
  5. It has recently been revealed that her husband, Herbert has died at the age of 95 but the cause of his death is not yet known.
  6. Although Herbert didn’t share any children with Sybil, he did share a total of two children with his ex-wife, Elisabeth Margaret Wilson
  7. Moving on to their married life, the couple had got married in the year 1988.
  8. We have not found any social media accounts under Sybil’s name. 
  9. Also, we remain completely unknown about her height, weight, and other body measurements.
  10. She is of British nationality but we are unknown regarding her professional life. 

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