HGTV: House in a Hurry Host, Release Date and Episodes: Meet The Cast 2020

HGTV: House in a Hurry Host, Release Date Cast and Episodes Explained

HGTV: House in a Hurry Host, Release Date Cast and Episodes Explained

HGTV: House in a Hurry Host is a brand new series that was announced to air on HGTV. Unlike most reality TV shows, this show right here is about house hunting with a twist. And, it created excitement amongst the viewers from all around the world.

From the look of its trailer, most people thought that this was going to be a roller coaster ride. And, we are not just talking about the cast here but the viewers too. No wonder, the television viewers were on cloud nine when the House in a Hurry finally released. 

Who is the HGTV: House in a Hurry Host? Release Dates and Episodes

With a new show like this, you guys might want to know a few things about it before you watch it. So, why don’t we begin with the HGTV: House in a Hurry’s host. But, before that, let us walk you through what this show is really about.

The HGTV House in a Hurry is about the buyers who are going to find the house for themselves. But, here is the catch, they are going to have to find it in a very short time which is 72 hours. That definitely sounds like a daunting task, doesn’t it?


For such a show, it is obvious for people to guess who the host might be.  But, turns out, the show has its own twist for this because the House in a Hurry has different hosts in each episode. Never heard of it before? Neither have we until now.

However, there is a reason behind this. With each new location, the local realtor takes charge of finding its customers the right house. And, that is why the show has made this decision which sounds logical.

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Man, what an emotional weekend. If you’ve ever gone through buying a home, or selling, you know that it can be an emotional process with highs and lows. Try going through that with a camera crew documenting everything 😧. I feel truly grateful to have gone through this journey with my clients, super cool family of 5 with 2 special needs kids. Best part hands down was my time with my clients, who are now close friends. It was crunch time, tons of urgency, lots of nerves, and lots of excitement that I can’t wait to see when it’s aired on @hgtv soon. I don’t wanna share the story, it’s a special one. All I’ll say is wow, y’all are going to love this show. Real, Raw, heartwarming, and REAL estate. #hgtv #houseinahurry #lookmawemadeit #thefitrealtor

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Talking about its release date, it got released on the 22nd of March with a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is fun to watch as homebuyers struggle to find the perfect place to call it home. So, tune in to HGTV to watch them.

Is HGTV: House in a Hurry Renewed Or Cancelled?

The success of the first season of HGTV: House in a Hurry has got people wishing for the next season too. However, the question of whether the show is getting renewed or canceled has worried the fans of the show.

We all have seen how some of the TV shows don’t get to make the next season. And, it is a little tough to let go of some of your favorite shows. So, the House in a Hurry’s fans are wishing for the show’s renewal.


While it is not new for TV shows to get canceled it is sad to say goodbye to such good shows. However, for now, there is no update on the renewal or the cancellation of House in a Hurry. Let’s just hope that this does not get axed and we get to see its second season as well.

Meet All The Hosts of New TV Show

Now it is time to know about some of the hosts of the new TV show, House in a Hurry. With each episode, we have seen different hosts. One of the hosts was Kevin Fertig who is a WWE wrestler turned realtor.


Another host who featured in the Tucson episode was Alexander Prewitt. And, he was great at giving all the help he could to the show’s cast. Likewise, he even shared his experience in his heartfelt social media post. In the same way, another host, Kate Heath really stole the show with her knowledge as a real estate agent.

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