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Chino Maradona Wikipedia: Diego Maradona Nephew Accusations Explained

Chino Maradona Wikipedia: Diego Maradona Nephew Accusations Explained

Chino Maradona Wikipedia: Everything to know about Diego Maradona’s nephew Hijos and Instagram. 

Moreover, El Chino is one of the most outlet public figures in the Maradona family. He was known for his disruptive relationship with the El Dorados. As a result, Chino has publicly declined to use the surname, Maradona. 

Speaking of, he is the son of Diego Maradona’s sister, Rita. 

Chino Maradona Wikipedia

No, Chino doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. But he is mentioned on his uncle’s Wikipedia bio. 

Despite that, he, more often than not speaks in the public media. As one of the extreme figures of the family, he has publicly accepted that his relationship with Diego was not good. 

Chino Maradona Hijos and Family: Is he married?

Honestly, there are not many known facts about his personal life. Hence, we do not have any information on Chino’s hijos (sons) and family. 

Similarly, there is no information on his wife either. He was rumored to be in a relationship with a few TV stars before. However, his current dating or marital status remains a mystery. 

Quick Facts:

Name Chino Maradona
Gender Male
Nationality Argentine
Parents Rita Maradona
Siblings Kitty
Instagram @chino_maradona

Some Unknown Facts on Chino Maradona 

  1. Chino Maradona does have a social media presence. He has amassed more than 5500 followers on his Instagram account. 
  2. Moreover, he doesn’t have a good relationship with other members of the Maradona family and especially with Vanesa Maradona Carnavale. 
  3. The latter laid several accusations on Chino about not providing enough food. 
  4. Moving on, Chino Maradona’s edad (age) is currently unknown. It does seem like he has been around for a long time. 
  5. Further financial facts such as his salary and net worth are not available either. We will update those as soon as they are obtainable. 
  6. As for his family, he was born to Diego’s sister, Rita. Moreover, he also has a sister of his own, Kitty. 

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