Hilarious Cake Meme Viral on Internet

Tasty These Are All Cakes Video: Hilarious Cake Meme Viral on Internet

Tasty These Are All Cakes Video: Hilarious Cake Meme Viral on Internet

‘Tasty These Are All Cakes’ is a very popular cake meme viral on several social media like Facebook, Twitter. When you check some of the videos under this popular cake meme, you will certainly be hard-pressed to call the show items cakes. But, truth to be told, those are all cakes you see under ‘Tasty These Are All Cakes’ funny meme compilation.

You will be slightly disturbed by seeing see pair of shoes sliced in half or plant sliced by a knife, trust us you are not alone. When we went through some of the videos of cake memes we are also shocked. When you see a cup of coffee sliced so gently, you will be traumatized for sure.

Still, it is such a joy to watch, you will be searching for cake meme videos one after another. If you are wondering when this hilarious cake meme videos went viral on the internet. You could also be asking who started this meme in this first place. Are you?

What is ‘Tasty These Are All Cakes’ Cake Meme?

Social media like Facebook and TikTok have sown the platform for the rise of memes. In the list of viral memes of 2020, food memes are also getting a good number of viewers. Similarly, this cake meme has found a different fas base among meme lovers. Don’t you think, you come across memes on social media every day.

From our day to day equipment like furniture, toilet papers, and slippers, cake meme has taken the shape of every possible thing out there. Check out his cake meme compilation first.

You certainly enjoyed watching the clip, didn’t you? Let’s discuss cake meme in a wider sense.

At the first glimpse, we find the video to be nothing but bizarre and traumatizing. But, after getting to known that the items being sliced are just cakes, it becomes so pleasing to watch. In many cases, people have gone for cake meme videos one after another.

Cake decorated in the form of day to day objects is a great thing after all. And seeing them being sliced so gently is too pleasing to the eyes. This cake meme is intimated by Buzzfeed’s cooking team Tasty.

Who Started Cake Meme on Facebook & Twitter?

This viral cake meme was started by Buzzfeed’s cooking club Tasty. Tasty decorates numerous cakes that look like our day to day objects such as slippers, toilet papers, cups, and others. Tasty just showcased their skills in making 3D cakes that look like daily objects. Never ever have they thought that this would take the shape of cake meme.

Back on 8 July 2020, Tasty shared videos of numerous cakes that look like our everyday objects on its Twitter page. As we write this, the video has accumulated 28.4 million video views.

As Tasty posted the video, Twitter users had several things to say about it.

Why is the Cake Meme viral on the Internet?

If Tasty has not posted the video on Twitter in July, no one would have known that cakes could take shape of our everyday objects. Rather than being a social message or anything inspiring, the video was just a great treat to our eyes. Watching cake meme compilations on the internet could ease our frustration to some extent. 

If you get something to kill our boredom or fall flat on your frustration, that would certainly entertain us. This could be the reason why the cake meme went so viral on the internet. Not only on Twitter, but Tasty These Are All Cakes videos are also viral on Facebook. 

Check out this cake meme video from Facebook.

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