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$uicideboy$ Net Worth 2020: How Much Does Hip Hop Duo Worth? Everything On Their Merch, Albums and Songs

$uicideboy$ Net Worth 2020: How Much Does Hip Hop Duo Worth? Everything On Their Merch, Albums and Songs

The Hip-Hop duo $uicideboy$ net worth in September 2020 has been estimated at $2 million dollars.

$uicideboy$ is a hip-hop group with members Scrim and Ruby da Cherry. Like their name suggests, the duo releases songs about suicide, self-harm, and substance abuse, their incredibly dark themes in lyrics and aggressive beats have become popular and they have also risen through the ranks in the hip-hop industry.

While they are not huge mainstream stars, they have a cult-like following in the underground rap scene and their devoted fans love their music.   

Their popularity also skyrocketed after they collaborated with Travis Barker. After an independent period where they released their songs on Soundcloud, they were signed to a label and released their debut studio album I Want to Die in New Orleans was released in 2018. 

$uicideboy$ Net Worth: How Rich is Hip Hop Duo Ruby Da Cherry and Scrim?

The duo $uicideboy$ net worth in September 2020 has been estimated at $2 million as per this source. A huge part of their fortune is from their record sales. They also have their own label ‘G*59’ which has contributed a lot to their net assets. 

Their debut studio album ‘I Want to Die in New Orleans’ has sold more than 31,000 copies in the US as per Billboard. The duo’s cult status within the underground scene has also contributed to its net assets. 

Individually, Ruby Da Cherry and Scrim each have a net worth of $1 million. During the initial days of their band, they released their songs on Soundcloud and earned a substantial amount of money from the site. 

The cousins have a house in New Orleans where the real-estate market is high-end and expensive. 

Apart from record sales, they also earn a huge amount of money from merch sales. 

$uicideboy$ Merch

$uicideboy$ merchandise is available all over the USA. They are selling merch of their first studio album I Want to Die in New Orleans. As a matter of fact, the CD of the record along with the T-Shirt is sold at $19.99 on their official website.  

Their lyrics and other songs have also been heavily merchandised. As of 2020, they are offering t-shirts, cassette tapes, CDs, and digital copies of their album on their stores as merchandise. 

They are also careful about safety from COVID-19 and due to this, deliveries have been delayed in various places. Most of their merch has been sold in their home state of New Orleans.

Other than their website, they also sell their merch via their Instagram page.

In September they released a new line of merch that they let their fans see on Instagram. This line was special as they deviated from their usual black, white, and red color scheme. 

Apart from clothes, they also launched accessories like bags, necklaces, straps, and caps. All of the merch on their social media pages is also available on the website of their label, g59recordsmerchandise. They have also provided special discounts to the people in their emailing list. 

$uicideboy$ Albums and Songs 2020

Via their own label, G*59, they have released two studio albums, the latest of which came out in 2020. Their latest studio effort ‘Stop Staring at the Shadows‘ was released on 14 February 2020. 

Like their previous effort, the subject matter of the album was dark and covered depression as one of the main themes but in the uniquely aggressive way that $uicideboy$ have become known for. 

The album reached number 30 in the US charts. Similarly, their debut ‘I Want to Die in New Orleans’ reached 9th on the US charts. 

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