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Shane Navin Net Worth, Wife and Family: His Cause Of Death Revealed

Shane Navin Net Worth, Wife and Family: His Cause Of Death Revealed

Shane Navin left a fortune of net worth to his wife and family following his death. Learn what caused the death of the racer. 

Navin was a veteran Targa Tasmania competitor who had been racing with his co-driver Glen Evans. 

Today on the fifth day of the race, the 68-year-old racer died after a crash. 

Shane Navin Wife and Family

The name of Shane Navin’s wife is Jennifer

They resided in New South Wales and had 2 children together: Ashley Navin, their son, and Kelsie Navin, their daughter.

Prior to this tragedy, Kelsi had posted on her Facebook cheering on her dad saying “Go Dad!” while he was engaged in the race.

Now Shane Navin’s family mourns their loss. 

What was Shane Navin’s Net Worth?

No information regarding Shane Navin’s net worth has been presented yet. 

He was a veteran racer of the Targa and may have earned well from the racer. 

Also aside from that, he might also have had another job that we do not know yet.

Shane Navin: Cause of Death

Racer Shane Navin died on April 23rd, 2021 with the cause being a car crash. 

He along with Glen Evans, his partner had been racing on the Targa Tasmania track when they crashed. 

Police report that it was raining while the racers were racing and the incident might have occurred on Lyell Highway near Double Barrel Creak. 

Furthermore, the police revealed that the car might have been negotiating a right-hand bend when it rolled in a culvert. 

The crash happened near 11 am and emergency services were called but to no avail, as Shane has already died on the scene.

Co-driver, Glen Evans was treated and was miraculously unharmed. 

Targa Tasmania CEO, Mark Perry wrote that it was a really sad time for their community and Shane was a much loved and admired member of the Targa Family.

Shane Navin is the third person to die in the 26 years of Targa Tasmania history.

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