His Family, Brother, Sister and Niece Now

Timothy Coggins Wikipedia: How Did Timothy Coggins Die? His Parents, Family and Siblings

Timothy Coggins Wikipedia: How Did Timothy Coggins Die? His Parents, Family and Siblings

Timothy Coggins was a victim of a cold-blooded racially motivated murder case that left him dead at just the tender age of 23 years old. The case was not solved for 34 years but they caught the murderer just a while ago and delivered justice. This restoration of justice might be a wave of uprising caused by the murder of George Floyd and that’s needed right now in the USA.

Name Timothy Coggins
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Siblings Ramone Coggins, Tyrone Coggins

The murderers of Coggins were very sick individuals who did the heinous deed to send the message and the message being black people are not as equal as white people. The cop on the duty Sheriff Darell Dix informed, upon examination, the murderers stabbed his body many times after his death as well. That confirms that those killers wanted to spread a message- a hateful one.

How Did Timothy Coggins Die?

Timothy Coggins was minding his own business on October 9, 1983. But then he was stabbed multiple times all over his body. Coggins suffered stab wounds over his neck, back and stomach, and that too in 30 places. The murderers then dragged his body and tied it to the pickup truck with a logging chain.

After that, te murders drove the car on the asphalt track until he died. They then dumped the body and disappeared. The police followed the pieces of evidence on the road after finding the body but they all led to dead ends.

Who Killed Timothy Coggins?

There were 2 people responsible for the murder of Timothy Coggins- Frank Gebhardt and his brother in law- William Moore Sr. They had not been found all these years and what’s even more upsetting is that they used to boast about killing this guy proudly.

However, 5 people were arrested for the crimes committed in the Timothy Coggins murder case. Frank and Wiliam were arrested for the murder. Sandra Bunn and Lamar Bunn were arrested because they helped Frank and William avoid prosecution. Similarly, Gregory Huffman was charged for obstruction of justice.

Where Are Timothy Coggins’s Family?

Timothy was murdered in cold blood which left is family members very sad. Heather Coggins is the niece of Timothy and made an emotional speech about the killing and how that affected her family. She said the saddest thing about that was their grandmother went to the grave not knowing her son’s killers.

Ramon Coggins is Timothy’s brother. According to some sources, he is in his 50s. He lives in Griffin as well and not a lot has been known about him. But we know that he had a fair share of grief at his brother’s murder.

Tyrone Coggins is another brother of Timothy Coggins who had somethings to say to the local channels after the justice was served. He was investigated for disclosing information about police officers to the drug dealers of the area and was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison. 

Timothy’s family now resides in Griffin, Georgia but they live separately with their own families. As for the names of Timothy’s parents goes, there are no details about them on the internet.

The statement was given by Heather Coggins who is the spokesperson of the family apparently. The statement is bittersweet because justice has been served but a man died horribly.

How Was Timothy Coggins Case Solved?

After months of investigation all leading to nothing, the case was dormant until 2016. In 2016, GBI special agent Jared Coleman was assigned to solve the case and he began a new investigation.

He was helped by the County’s sheriff Darell Dix and they stumbled upon a tiny black notebook which was a diary of the former Sheriff of the town. The diary had some messages about KKK entering the police. After months of investigation, they found the killer and served justice finally.


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