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Axl Rose Girlfriend and Wife 2020: Everything We Know About His Married Life

Axl Rose Girlfriend and Wife 2020: Everything We Know About His Married Life

Axl Rose aka ‘the prettiest rockstar’ is one of the most controversial figures in show business and has had a lot of relationships and girlfriends in the past. His actions on and off stage with Guns and Roses made him infamous as a stereotypical rockstar who lived the ‘s*x, drugs, rock and roll’ life.

However, in 2020, Axl Rose has changed his ways and has been out of the dating scene for a lot of years. However, prior to this, he has had more than 24 documented relationships. Read more below. 

Name Axl Rose
Birthday February 6, 1962
Age 58
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Nationality American
Profession Singer; Frontman
Parents Sharon E. Rose; William Bruce Rose
Siblings Amy Bailey; Stuart Bailey
Net Worth $200 million
Married/Single Single
Wife Erin Everly (anulled)
Instagram official_axlrose

10 Facts About Axl Rose

  1. Axl Rose is not dating anyone in 2020 as per this source. He is single and does not even have a casual partner as he did in the ‘Appetite for Destruction’ days. 
  2. His last known relationship was with singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.
  3. The pair started dating in 2012 according to Rolling Stone. According to the source, Lana wrote a song about Axl called ‘Axl Rose Husband’.
  4. Although the song called Axl Rose as Lana’s husband, the pair never married. As of 2020, their relationship seems to have fizzled out as there are no reports of them being together or showing PDA, in the media. 
  5. Talking about Axl getting married, he has been married only once. He tied the knot with Erin Everly in on April 28, 1990, but filed for divorce just a month later. The rockstar’s lifestyle also did not go well with his married life. 
  6. They reconciled but the couple faced a miscarriage which caused Axl to go into a depression as he wanted to start a family. 
  7. Their marriage was annulled in January 1991. Everly, his former wife,  later filed a lawsuit accusing Rose of emotional and physical abuse that was settled out of court.
  8. Since the annulment, Axl Rose has had a lot of partners but has never gotten married. 
  9. However, he was engaged to supermodel Stephanie Seymour in February 1993 but the pair separated just 3 weeks later. 
  10. According to Ranker, he has had at least 20 high-profile relationships. He even slept with GNR drummer Steven Adler’s then-girlfriend Adriana Smith and recorded their ‘lovemaking’ session and put it in the song ‘Rocket Queen’.

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