Holli Dewees Wikipedia – Supernatural Actress Age Bio Net Worth

Holli Dewees From Supernatural Is Dead – Learn more Her GoFundMe Campaign

Holli Dewees From Supernatural Is Dead – Learn more Her GoFundMe Campaign

Holli Dewees Wikipedia is absent despite being an actress for Supernatural. Get to know her bio.

Dewees was an American TV actress. She is mostly remembered for her appearance in the hit TV series, Supernatural. 

Sadly, she is no more with us today. 

Holli Dewees Wikipedia Bio – Who Did Holli Dewees play in ‘Supernatural’?

Holli Dewees doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio.

But, her Instagram profile @hollidewees still remains online. Fans have showered her photos with RIP comments following the news of her passing away.

Holli Dewees was popular as a Supernatural actress.

However, we are not sure who did Holli Dewees played in Supernatural. The show has over 15 seasons and 320 episodes since its inception in 2005. Therefore, we are still tracking Dewees’s episode for now. 

Nevertheless, Dewees left a remarkable contribution to the Supernatural family. She seemed very close with Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester on the show. 

Holli Dewees Age – How Old Was She?

Holli Dewees was 35 years old in age. 

She had recently celebrated her 35th birthday on March 18 of 2021. But, she lost her life just a few months after. 

Holli Dewees’s obituary states her death was caused by cancer.

The late actress had announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2020. The cancer cells had already spread up to stage three.

The doctors also found the cancer was triple negative, which means it was highly aggressive. Moreover, Holli opted out of radiotherapy due to her already existing autoimmune diseases.

For nearly a year, Holli battled the illness. As a fact, she had even shared an update about her regrowing hair. Sadly, she eventually died on June 21, 2021.

Holli Dewees is now survived by her husband, Michael, and her 2 children. 

Explore Holli Dewees Net Worth and Gofundme

Holli Dewees’s net worth had gone under major stress due to her treatment. 

Michael had even pleaded for financial help to keep up with the hospital bills. We already know how expensive is health care in America.

Moreover, the family is doing no good after Holli’s demise. They are going under both mental and economic turmoil. 

To help the situation, Holli Dewees’s close friend Jared Padalecki set up a GoFundMe account. He had initially set a target of $10K USD but has already exceeded the goal with over $25K USD in the fund.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Holli Dewees’ family and friends. May she rest in peace. Thank you.

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