Home Run Derby: Pete Alonso Salary And Net Worth

Pete Alonso Salary And Net Worth – How Much Does A Home Run Derby Winner Make?

Pete Alonso Salary And Net Worth – How Much Does A Home Run Derby Winner Make?

How much does Pete Alonso make in salary and net worth? In 2021, his earnings are around Dollars 600 thousand per year. 

Alonso is a professional Major Baseball League player for the New York Mets. He is positioned as the first batsman for the team.

Recently, he won the Home Run Derby for the second time. The reigning champion defeated Trey Mancini with 23-22 points. 

Pete Alonso Salary: How Much Does He Make?

Pete Alonso earns a salary of $676,775 USD with the Mets. 

In 2019, Pete signed the contract with New York Mets to join the team’s starting lineup. Likewise, he made around $555,000 USD in the debut season. 

In the same year, Alonso broke MLB records. He completed around 53 home runs for the Mets, which is the most home runs by a rookie in MLB history. Furthermore, he also became the 2019 National League Rookie of the Year. 

However, Alsonso played only 57 games with 16 home runs in the 2020 season as the games were shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, he earned $241,674 USD in the year.

Pete’s contract with the Mets continues up to 2021. His deal was worth $676,775 USD in 2021.

Pete Alonso Net Worth: Earnings After Home Run Derby

Pete Alonso has added $2.3 million USD in net worth to date.

This is the sum of all the salary Pete has received throughout his last 3 years. However, he is also making extra cash from brand endorsement and other MLB events.

Pete Alonso’s earnings added $1 million after he won the Home Run Derby in 2021. 

It is an annual hitting competition held before the All-Star day. Similarly, this is the second time Alonso has won the Home Run Derby.

Previously, the baseball player had won the Home Run Derby in 2019.  This also makes him the third person in history to win continuous 2 Derbys. 

Does Pete Alonso Have a Wife or Fiance? 

Pete Alonso is taken by his fiance and soon-to-wife, Hayley Walsh.

The couple met each other in 2015 when Pete used to play baseball for the University of Florida. However, they had a long-distance relationship for 2 years as Walsh was studying at the University of Michigan.

In 2018, Alonso eventually proposed to his girlfriend. Though engaged for over 2 years, they are not married yet. 

Hayley is a blogger and former figure skater. She also has a major in Journalism and Political Science. 

Furthermore, Pete Alonso’s other family members include his parents Michelle and Peter Matthew Alonso. He also a brother named Alex Alonso, who is a college lacrosse player. 

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