Hoops Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

Netflix: Hoops Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

Netflix: Hoops Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

Hoops is Netflix’s animated take on the classic sports series and films that feature the undergo team as the protagonist. The tale of the coach who wants to make it in the big leagues is well told and executed. 

The show is touted to be one of the top sports show on the platform in 2020. It is an expansion to the adult animated shows already available on the streaming service like Netflix. 

Netflix: Hoops Release date

The series is coming out on August 21, 2020, and all 10 episodes will be globally available from then on. 

Hoops – Cast & Crew

Jake Johnson returns to the screen and plays the lead character of Coach Ben Hopkins. He is always angry and raging add on top of that his constant swearing makes him a classic portrayal of a no-nonsense coach.

His swearing and rage go through the roof as he must coach the awful team. His methods are not immediately successful and he wants to make it to the big leagues of the NBA.

Comedian Rob Riggle plays the role of Barry Hopkins, Ben’s father. Like many adult Netlfix animations, he is the father figure who constantly rips into his son and doesn’t give him the respect he deserves. 

Riggle shines in the roles of the jerk who constantly rips on the protagonist, he has played these roles on blockbusters like Dumb And Dumber To, The Hangover, etc. 

Another classic comedian on the show is Natasha Leggero. She is the lead’s estranged wife and was as rash and impulsive as ben when they were married but has improved herself massively since she left him. 

Ron Funches plays his namesake Ron who is the lead’s best friend and a polar opposite personality to Ben. He is cool and always keeps his temper in check. 

Funches is also a member of the cast who has a lot of expertise working as a comedian. 

Veteran American character actress Cleo King also plays the principal of the school, Lenwood High where the whole story takes place. Her character Opal is also a foul-mouthed person with a disdain for life and who is unlucky in love. 

The former head writer of the Jimmy Fallon’s show, A. D. Miles is playing the role of Matty, the 7-foot tall teenager who is an outcast, and the only time he feels a part of something is when he plays basketball.

Plot And Premise

Hoops is a series that tells the story of an outspoken and foul-mouthed basketball coach who dreams of making it big by turning around the basketball team of Lenwood High. 

The team cannot play even if their lives depended on it and this angers him further because it is his dream to get rich from coaching teams in bigger leagues. 

Over the profanity-filled 10 episodes of the show, the team will grow but not in the way you expect them to. Netflix has made a reputation for its animated series being a treat for those who love plot twists. 

These animated shows tend to follow a darker theme as evidenced by superhits like BoJack Horseman. 

Ratings And Review

While the official ratings are yet to be published, some critics and people who have worked on the show have praised it for its subject matter and entertaining plot. 

The characters are also really funny and will keep you entertained for a long while. The show is overall binge-worthy and has been touted as a decent show by some sources. 

The cast is already an excellent one and the plot is also pretty good. All in all, it is worth a watch. 


The teaser trailer of the show was first released on 21 July 2020 and was released on IGN’s channel. 

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