Hope Hicks’ Mother Age, Where Is She Now 2020

Caye Hicks: Hope Hicks’ Mother Age, Where Is She Now 2020

Caye Hicks: Hope Hicks’ Mother Age, Where Is She Now 2020

Do you know who is Hope Hicks’ mother Caye Hicks, where is she now? Caye Hicks and her husband Paul Hicks are the parents of Hope Hicks, Donald Trump’s communications director. Both Caye Hicks and her husband Paul have a political background. In general, one could suppose that both wife and husband support the same political party. 

But, Paul Hicks and his wife Caye have different political views. Paul and Caye support different political parties. Caye and Paul Hicks are married since the 80s  and the couple has two children together. Both of their children are daughters.

Name Caye Hicks
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Husband Paul Hicks
Children 2

Find out in detail about Caye Hicks’ age, her family detail, net worth here.

10 Facts on Caye Hicks

  1. Caye Hicks is an American national who come from an American family that has a political background. She is also famous as the mother of Hope Hicks.
  2. Hope Hicks is the former White House Communications Director and counselor to President Trump. She has recently been on headlines as she was tested positive for coronavirus.
  3. Born as Caye Ann Cavender, Caye Hicks is a former legislative aid for Ed Jones, a Democrat of Tennessee.
  4. Her husband, Paul Hicks worked as a legislative for Stewart B. McKinney, a Republican from Connecticut.
  5. Regarding Caye Hicks’ age and birthday, the details are still not public. She could be around 65 years of age now.
  6. Her daughter, Hope Hicks is now 31 years of age. She was born on October 21, 1988. Hope Hicks was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. 
  7. Caye Hicks is currently living in Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband. Her nationality is American.
  8. The Hicks family has two children, both daughter named Hope Hicks and Mary Grace Hicks. 
  9. Her daughter, Mary Grace Hicks is a married woman and she is married to a guy named Wyot Woods. Hope Hicks is not married yet.
  10. The detail about Caye Hicks and her husband Paul Hicks’ net worth is not public. The Hicks couple does not have a Wikipedia page.

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