Hott LockedN Rapper Age Real Name, Net Worth And Wikipedia

How Old Is Hott LockedN Rapper? Age And Real Name Revealed

How Old Is Hott LockedN Rapper? Age And Real Name Revealed

What is Hott LockedN age? Rapper Hott LockedN is yet to reveal his exact age publicly. Learn more about his real name and net worth.

Hott is a musical artist and rapper from America. He is globally recognized as a personality from National College Park, who has joined the Real University label. 

During his early days, there are many struggles and fracas; he is also known for his near-death experience and the alteration that occurrence brought upon his life. He has some extraordinary songs such as All Day, Jeje Sift, and others.

We can find his songs on YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, and SoundCloud, where there are thousands of listeners.

Hott LockedN Age: How Old Is He?

Hott LockedN hasn’t revealed his actual age publicly.

However, looking at his photos, he seems to be in his mid-’20s. His actual birthday and birthplace are missing as he is yet to disclose them. Additionally, he hails from American and holds American nationality. 

Based on his appearance and the fact that he has a toddler daughter. His body measurement with his height and weight are also unknown.

What Is Hott LockedN Real Name?

Hott LockedN is yet to disclose his real name in public.

He has remained silent while talking about his real name in public. However, some people assume that Hott is his real first name. But there is not enough evidence to prove it. 

Hott is available on different social media platforms like Instagram through his stage name, Hott LockedN.

Know His Net Worth

Hott LockedN hasn’t revealed his net worth and earnings publicly. 

However, because he is a renowned rapper and musical artist, he is famous on social media and other platforms; he lives a luxurious life. 

Is He Available On Wikipedia?

Hott is yet to have his own page on Wikipedia since he is the rising rapper with an expanding fan base.

Talking about his early days, he has been in a brutal shooting incident and was in the hospital for over a month, when he created most of his songs. And after recovery, he started releasing them, and now he is a popular rapper. 

Currently, there are no details regarding his girlfriend. Indeed, he might be single now. Because he has a daughter, he might have a girlfriend and has kept his relationship private.

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