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Mark Williams Net Worth 2020: What Is Snooker Legend’s Worth?

Mark Williams Net Worth 2020: What Is Snooker Legend’s Worth?

Mark Williams is a legendary snooker player with a net worth (2020) of $6 million and a career that has seen him become an icon of the game. 

The Welsh snooker player has won the Wolrd Championships 3 times and his contribution to the game has been made a member of the British Empire. Affectionately called the ‘The Welsh Potting Machine’ he has set records and made history since becoming a professional snooker player in 1992. 

Name Mark Williams
Birthday 21 March 1975
Age 45
Gender Male
Nationality Welsh
Profession Snooker Player
Net Worth $6 million
Married/Single Married
Wife Joanne
Children 3

10 Facts About Mark Williams

  1. Mark Williams’ net worth in 2020 is $6 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. He gathered most of his net worth through his career in snooker. 
  2. His fortune and net assets also contain a lavish house and estate which he has in his home country. 
  3. Due to his multimillionaire status, he most probably lives an exorbitant lifestyle and spends big money on assets. 
  4. According to Sportekz, over the course of his career Mark has earned more than $6.32 million and most of his earnings are from his salary and prize money wins. 
  5. The Welsh snooker legend had money stolen from him in a fraud case where the criminals spent almost £1200 ($1561) as the alleged culprits had spent money on trainers.
  6. Later, he laughed the incident off when he discovered the £1200 trainers fraud had seen the criminals spend his money on a spa day slippers, takeaway, and Sainsbury shopping. He discovered his money was stolen when his card was declined while trying to pay for food.  
  7. Williams lives in Wales with his family. His wife Joanne is a huge supporter of his career and can be seen cheering him on at games. 
  8. He and Joanne have 3 children together with their first child Conor being born in April 2004. Kian and Joel were born in 2007 and 2013 respectively. 
  9. The snooker legend Welsh as per his nationality and is White by ethnicity. 
  10. He has been a professional snooker player since 1992 and has won 3 world championships. 

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