‘How Am I Supposed To Go To Work Without Nicotine’ The Phrase is Viral On Social Media

TikTok: ‘How Am I Supposed To Go To Work Without Nicotine’ The Phrase is Viral On Social Media

TikTok: ‘How Am I Supposed To Go To Work Without Nicotine’ The Phrase is Viral On Social Media

How Am I Supposed To Go To Work Without Nicotine‘ is a phrase that might surprise you but it is the latest trend in TikTok. The social media platform TikTok is well-known for its trends, likewise, the new phrase has become immensely popular. 

You might be wondering what it means, well, obviously it is related to smoking and vaping but there is more than meets the eye at first with this phrase, read below to learn more.

The Hidden Meaning Behind How Am I Supposed To Go To Work Without Nicotine

Nicotine is the primary chemical found in cigarettes and vapes, it is responsible for the addiction caused by cigarettes. For chain smokers and regular vapers, it causes dependence. In other words, regular users need nicotine every day as their body has become used to it. Especially workers who work in high-stress environments, such as doctors,  military personnel, etc. smoke regularly. As a result, they also become dependant on nicotine. 

Likewise, people have taken to TikTok to express their dependence no cigarettes and tobacco products. The phrase has become a way for these people to express how they feel and the withdrawal symptoms they experience when they cannot get their hit of nicotine. 

The Line Shows The Withdrawal Symptoms Experienced By Chainsmokers

When chain-smokers stop smoking, their whole body that has become dependant on nicotine starts craving it. For regular smokers nicotine in their body is the normal way it functions. Because of their dependence, their whole body experiences symptoms of withdrawal. 


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On TikTok, people post videos of them suffering from these symptoms which include intense cravings for nicotine, tingling in the hands and feet, sweating nausea, abdominal cramping constipation, gas, headaches, coughing, sore throat, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, anxiety irritability, depression, weight gain, among a huge number of other, etc.

On top of all this add the pressures of modern life and a modern job. This is the exact feeling that people are trying to express when they say this line. 

So, saying “How am I supposed to go to work without nicotine “, is an expression of the stress that people feel when they stop smoking. 

TikTok’s Policy Controls Videos With Smoking In It

The social media platform has a policy in which creators cannot show themselves smoking as the company believes its young users will be influenced by seeing others smoke. however, some users do post videos of it but they are removed if reported or at the least demonetized. 

There is a reason that creators on TikTok are called influencers, the company has taken this step to protect the underage viewers and non-smokers from getting into smoking. 

How The Phrase Warns People About Smoking

How Am I Supposed To Go To Work Without Nicotine, is not just a phrase but a warning too, creators are trying to warn the users of the dangers of smoking. The phrase itself is a warning on how dependant people become and they can barely function without a cigarette. Withdrawal symptoms can prevent people from working for a while. 


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In fact, symptoms can last from 1 month to 3 months during which the person will undergo massive amounts of pain. According to the WHO, more than 8 million people are killed each year from smoking, among them 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers who inhale second-hand smoke. 

This means that cigarettes not only harm the user but those around him/her. Similarly, during a worldwide pandemic which is caused by a virus that affects the respiratory system. This puts smokers and people exposed to smoking at a high risk of being critically affected if they contract the virus. 

The financial cost of smoking si also incredibly high 

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