How Can I Watch Kevin Hart Series Online?

Die Hart Release Date, Cast, Trailer: How Can I Watch Kevin Hart Series Online?

Die Hart Release Date, Cast, Trailer: How Can I Watch Kevin Hart Series Online?

The legendary comedian and actor, Kevin Hart is back with a new series about himself.  The unique show about him being an action hero is really consuming. Know all about the series with its release date, cast, trailer, plot, and more. 

Kevin Hart is one of the, if not the greatest comedian-actor in Hollywood. With his strong figurative expressions and flawless acting, the actor has really made his name on the comedy genre. He has starred in more than 50 movies since his introduction to Hollywood. 

However, this time Kevin has surprised everyone with his new show, “Die Hart.” The first look and the trailer of the series are out and you can’t be more excited than this. The action and drama thriller will be premiering on the streaming application, Quibi. 

Quibi is a mobile-based streaming platform that was introduced in August 2018. There were a lot of speculations that it could be the biggest rival for Netflix. Netflix currently has more than 180 Million subscribers while Quibi has just under 2 Million.

However, it hadn’t failed to feature the greatest of stars like Kevin Hart as his series, “Die Hart” is up and running on Quibi. Here are all things you need to know about the TV show before you jump in.

Die Hart Release Date and Trailer

“Die Hart” is the new web series that features Kevin Hart who has fictionalized himself as a character. As per the plot, he is in the quest to land the action movie role of a lifetime. 

The action thriller show is directed by Eric Appel, who has also directed “Son of Zorn.” Likewise, the executive producer is Kevin Hart himself. Similarly, the series writing credits go to Tripper Clancy and Derek Kolstad. 

The action thriller packed with comedy is already on the streaming site, Quibi.

The first four episodes were premiered or released on July 20, 2020, on Quibi. You can watch the whole show on Quibi at the moment. 

Die Hart Cast

Moving on to the cast, the show stars famous celebrities like Kevin Hart and John Travolta. Kevin Hart is [portraying the role of himself in the show. As for John Travolta, the two-time Oscar nominee is playing the role of “Ron Wilcox.” 

The show also features the famous “Game of Thrones” actress, Nathalie Emmanuel. She will be seen portraying the role of “Jordan King” in the show. 

Likewise, other major casts include Jean Reno as “Calude Van De Velde”, Josh Hartnett as “Josh Hartnett”, Kennet Trujillo as “Diego” and Eric Mainade as “Juan.” Similarly, actors like Josh Lamboy, Brandon Quinn, Milana Vayntrub, Stephen Jones and Jason Jones can be seen in the show. 

The series has gathered a huge amount of claims critically. And it’s a good show to watch as people tend to have more leisure time due to the lockdown. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here is it. 


As for the plot of the series, the story follows a fictionalized Kevin Hart who gets done with comedy and starts getting involved in the dangerous events to unleash the action hero inside of him. The series is beautifully made with a lot of action scenes and a significance comedy as well. Well, you have Kevin Hart in a movie, Comedy isn’t something you will miss. 

Where can I watch Die Hart online?

Die Hart is not on Netflix. It was marketed and distributed by another streaming site called Quibi. Hence, you can watch all the episodes of “Die Hart” on Quibi. And if you subscribe soon enough, you might get a chance for a 14-day free trial in the application.  

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