How Did Engelbert Humperdinck Wife Die?

Patricia Healey Died Age 85: How Did Engelbert Humperdinck Wife Die?

Patricia Healey Died Age 85: How Did Engelbert Humperdinck Wife Die?

Patricia Healey has died at the age of 85 years after contracting coronavirus and The Sun also revealed that she had Alzheimer’s. Professionally, she was an actress who appeared in some amazing shows like The White Bus, Wuthering Heights, R3, Britannia Hospital, etc.

She had begun her acting career in the year 1954 after appearing in a TV series called Stage By Stage. Until the time of her death, she had appeared in almost 30 different movies and television series.

Patricia Healey Died Age 85

At the age of 85, actress Patricia Healey left the world on February 5, 2021. The news was revealed by her own husband Engelbert Humperdinck with whom she got married for almost 57 years.

It was her nephew, Father Paul who gave the last rituals to her at around 8 PM on February 5. After her death, Engelbert even conveyed a beautiful message via his Facebook as well as the Instagram account which has made a lot of the fans cry. 

How Did Patricia Healey Die?

The cause of Patricia Healey’s death was confirmed to be due to the COVID-19 complications. On January 27, Patricia along with her husband and son had contracted the virus and then, she died of the same disease which has killed 2.3 million up to now.

The sad part is that Engelbert had just asked his fans to pray for his wife’s health. In fact, Healey had also been suffering from Alzheimer’s since the year 2007. 

Engelbert Humperdinck and Wife Patricia

Speaking about the incredible love story of singer Engelbert Humperdinck and his wife Patricia, they had first met each other when they crossed each other’s path in the year 1953. It was love at first sight and they married only when Engelbert was ready to take care of her well.

The couple extended their family after giving birth to four children. They are Louise Humperdinck, Bradley Humperdinck, Jason Humperdinck, and Scott Humperdinck

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