How Did LA Skater Vincent Nava Die? 2019

Vincent Nava Dead: How Did LA Skater Vincent Nava Die?

Vincent Nava Dead: How Did LA Skater Vincent Nava Die?

Vincent Nava was a skater from LA who recently passed away from a car accident. He was declared dead after falling into the coma due to the car accident. 

Name Vincent Nava
Age 21 years
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Skater
Instagram vincentnava

Vincent’s death news was provided by Thrashers Magazine. Furthermore, the skater was featured into the Magazine before. 

10 Facts on Vincent Nava

  1. Vincent Nava was a Skater. He was based in Los Angeles, America.  He recently passed away in September 2020 due to a fatal car accident
  2. Speaking about his age, Vincent was 21 years old at the time of his death. However, information about his official birth date and zodiac sign remains limited right now.
  3. According to various reports, Nava went into a coma after the car accident. Unfortunately, the skater lost the battle and took his last breath in the hospital. 
  4. Vincent had gained popularity after being featured in the popular Thrasher magazine earlier this year. Furthermore, he also gave an interview for the magazine. 
  5. In the interview, Nava mentioned that it was scary for him to die. However, he also added that “You just got to be aware, but still have fun”. 
  6. Vincent’s height was around 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Furthermore, he was popular for his spiky hairstyle. In fact, he used to spend around 1.5 hours just doing his hair. 
  7. Vincent’s parents are devasted by the news right now. However, they have not released a public statement until now. 
  8. The skater rarely talked about his love life. So, Vincent’s girlfriend was a mystery to most of the people. So, we assume he was single. 
  9. Apart from this, Nava was teaching young kids to skate. The program was called ” Woodcraft Rangers”. Furthermore, he was also earning a good fortune and Net Worth from the job. 
  10. Nava was very popular on Instagram as @vincentnava. Moreover, he was an IG star with 37.5k followers. Similarly, many people flooded into his social media accounts to pay tribute to the late skater. 

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