How Did Street Outlaws Racer Die?

Gypsy Mike Cause Of Death Revealed: How did The Street Outlaws racer Die?

Gypsy Mike Cause Of Death Revealed: How did The Street Outlaws racer Die?

Legendary Street Racer Gypsy Mike passed away. His cause of death has been the most critical question till now.

Gypsy Mike was a street racing legend in California and the United States as well. He has also been featured in shows several times.

The first time was on the 405 race on California on the Street Outlaws in 2013. He raced in his red 1968 Camaro all motor 615 cubic inch motor. Furthermore, he raced in California in 2015.

Gypsy Mike Age: How Old Was He?

Gypsy Mike age is between 35-40, as per our assumption.

His exact age has not been mentioned anywhere. However, Street Outlaws No Prep Talk mentions he was above his 30s.

Gypsy Mike was also known by his nickname Mickey or real name Michael Connors.

The talk show states that Mike had been street racing probably longer than anybody else in the street racing world. He ran his red car 1968 Camaro, which was a famous car.

Gypsy was a respected person in the entire street outlaws, and everybody involved in the street racing world admired him.

Gypsy Mike Cause Of Death: How Did Street Outlaws Racer Die?

The Street Outlaws racer Gypsy Mike cause of death is still a mystery.

Gypsy met his death on December 18, 2020; however, the news of his death circulated on December 20. 

It has been more than five months since his demise, but his cause of death is not fully cleared as very few sources covered it. 

One source claimed that there is a rumor that Mike Suffered from a heart attack. However, a relatively more believable website reports that Mike passed away in a fatal accident caused by a high-speed car crash alongside the road.

Still, the lack of details on this report makes even this cause of his death pretty hard to identify.

Furthermore, Insideeko has recently posted about his obituary on their site.

Explore His Net Worth

Gypsy Mike net worth at the time of his death might be above millions.

However, nothing has been confirmed. As Mike was one of the respected street racers of all time, he might have earned a fortune for his family. 

Furthermore, Mike’s wife and family members have not shown up until now.

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