How Did TVB Actor Died?

TVB Actor Liu Kai Chi Cause of death revealed: Wife And Family Details

TVB Actor Liu Kai Chi Cause of death revealed: Wife And Family Details

Liu Kai Chi TVB actor is no longer with us. Get to know his wife and net worth. 

The highly acclaimed Hongkong actor, Liu Kai Chi has died at the age of 66. The award-winning actor has passed away alongside his family on March 27, 2021, at the Prince of Wales Hospital. 

Moreover, his career spanned more than four decades making him one of the most influential actors in the history of Hong Kong Cinema. He starred in more than 90 television dramas and over 70 movies. 

We put forward our heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s friends and family. Hope his departed soul rest in peace. 

Liu Kai Chi Wife: Who was he married to?

Liu Kai Chi was married to his wife, Money Chan Man-Yee for a very long time. 

Married for more than 34 years, the couple shares 3 children with each other. Their youngest child, unfortunately, died in 2006. 

Moreover, his wife is one of the leading actresses in the country. She is the front of the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). It is a broadcasting channel company based in Hong Kong. 

Similarly, Liu did have a contract with the TVB for more than two decades until 2005. He went to have Two Golden Awards for his Supporting Role. 

Liu Kai Chi Net Worth And Earnings

The financial facts of Liu Kai Chi such as net worth and earnings are not available at the moment. 

However, the actor earned millions of dollars in his career that lasted more than four decades. Similarly, his wife is also a multi-million earning actress. hence, the family does have an impressive net worth. 

Kai Khi Cause of Death: How did the TVB Actor Die?

The TVB actor, Liu Kai Chi died of stomach cancer as per sources. 

Having diagnosed with cancer in 2019, Liu halted his acting career following the health-hazard. A week before, his condition got serious and he was admitted to the Prince of Wales Hospital in the UK. 


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