How Many Children Does Anne Marie Corbett Have? Daughter Age And Family

Anne Marie Corbett Daughters Caught The Limelight In Ant McPartlin Wedding

Anne Marie Corbett Daughters Caught The Limelight In Ant McPartlin Wedding

How many children does Anne Marie Corbett have? Her daughters are in the spotlight after she tied a knot with Ant McParlin.

Anne Marie Corbett and Ant McParlin married on August 7, 2021. The personal assistant turned wife separated from her ex-husband in 2017.

She was previously married to Scott Corbett and began dating McParlin in 2018. She has worked as Ant’s PA for more than eight-year now.

Ant proposed over Christmas 2020, with their nuptials taking place just eight months later. Here are some details we know about her daughters.

How Many Children Does Anne Marie Corbett Have?

Anne Marie Corbett has two children with her former husband, Scott Corbett.

The 43-year-old and her former spouse have been co-parenting the youngsters for a long time now.

However, we know very little about Anne Marie’s estranged ex-husband for now.

It is believed that the mum of two transformed her look from brunette to blonde after split with Steve Corbett.

At the same time, Ant McParlin has no children from his earlier marriage. He was married to make-up designer Lisa Armstrong until 2018.

Meet Anne Marie Corbett Daughters

Anne Marie Corbett’s daughters, Poppy and Daisy appeared as a bridesmaid at her grand wedding.

 The ceremony took place at St Michael’s Church, Heckfield, before around 100 guests.  

According to the reports, girls gave heartfelt readings in front of their mum and stepdad. 

They read out the Richard Bach poem about soulmates entitled The Bridge Across the River to a celebrity-packed audience.

At the wedding, the bridesmaids wore purple gowns with lilac and light pink bouquets to match that of the bride.

The photo of the wedding was a hit with fans on Twitter. Many congratulated Anne and praised her lovely daughter.

On August 5, Anne-Marie and her daughters were spotted in Wimbledon. The mother and daughters were at the Take Time London beauty salon.

At the same time, they were seen shopping ahead of the wedding ceremony.

Anne Marie Corbett Daughters Age

Anne Marie Corbett’s daughters are teenagers. Their ages are 13 and 15 years respectively.

Two of them have grown very beautiful as of lately. They are very close to Corbett and have heartily accepted Ant McParlin as their new dad.

At the wedding, Ant McPartlin paid tribute to his two new step teenage daughters. He admitted that he feels happy when the girls call him dad.

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