How Much Does The YouTuber Make?

YouTuber The Captain Davo Net Worth: Earnings Revealed

YouTuber The Captain Davo Net Worth: Earnings Revealed

Captain Davo’s net worth reveals how rich he is. Here’s how much he makes from YouTube.

Widely famous for being an ex-gambler, Captain Davo is now recognized as an entrepreneur. He seems to have quit gambling and is focused on his own business now.

Well, he is also a gamer who we can find on Twitch with over 13.2 thousand followers. However, he doesn’t stream regularly.

Captain Davo Net Worth: How Much Does The YouTuber Make?

Captain Davo’s exact net worth in 2021 remains unknown.

However, we can claim that his YouTube channel is worth about $191 thousand.

As a YouTuber, Captain Davo has gambled over 106 thousand subscribers on his official YouTube channel. Since June 27, 2018, his YouTube videos have surpassed 5.9 thousand views.

Yahoo Finance claims that he started to work as a corporate director at one of Australia’s national powerhouses after quitting as a gambler. While working there, he doesn’t get a huge salary but is quite happy to be starting his professional life.

Speaking more about his wealth, he owns a Porsche 911 Carrera GT3 worth over $400 thousand. According to Daily Mail, the compulsive punter had also earned $250 thousand on pokies.

Often, Captain Davo showcases his lavish lifestyle on his Instagram profile. He has over 621 thousand followers on his official account. Also, we can find him on Facebook with around 65.7 thousand followers.

He even has his own clothing and jewelry business. We aren’t sure if his earnings today are as high as a gambler’s, but we sure that he has saved a huge amount of money for future use.

His Bio Explored

Firstly, Captain Davo’s real name is David A. Nicholas.

He was born on October 2, 1993, in Adelaide, Australia. Thus, David’s current age is already 27 years. He will soon celebrate his 28th birthday.

Despite knowing about his Australian nationality, we are unknown about his ethnicity. Looking at his Instagram profile, he has shared multiple pictures with multiple ladies. So, we can be assured that he has not got a girlfriend.

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