How Much Is Eric Trump’s Wife Salary?

Lara Trump Net Worth 2020: How Much Is Eric Trump’s Wife Salary?

Lara Trump Net Worth 2020: How Much Is Eric Trump’s Wife Salary?

Lara Trump’s net worth in 2020 is above $10 million dollars and she is getting a hefty salary of $180,000 right now as Trump’s campaign manager. Donald Trump has been going out and holding rallies and that requires a lot of planning. Lara Trump has been married to Eric Trump who is the president’s son.

Lara Trump had worked as a producer of a CBS Inside Edition from 2012 to 4 years. There are sources claiming that she obtained a salary of around $100,000 in that period but her salary has now increased. After all, she is working for the president which is definitely going to increase her pay.

Name Lara Trump
Birthday October 12, 1982
Age 38
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Net Worth $10 million
Salary $180,000
Married/Single Married
Husband Eric Trump
Children Eric Luke Trump and Carolina Dorothy Trump.
Divorce Not
Education North Carolina State University
Instagram laraleatrump

10 Facts On Lara Trump 

  1. Lara Trump is making $180,000 per year currently from Trump’s election campaign. She has received this amount for some years now.
  2. Lara Trump is the wife of Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump.
  3. Trump has been getting that amount of salary from the private company of the campaign manager which some people claimed was a scam.
  4. Lara was born on October 12, 1982, in North Carolina. She is an American
  5. She is currently 38 years old but looks as if she is just entering her 30s.
  6. Trump attended North Carolina State University as well as the French Culinary Institute in New York. I guess she has a passionate relationship with politics and food.
  7. She has worked as a Television host, TV producer and now she has been a politician for quite some time.
  8. Lara has been married to Eric Trump since 2014 and they have 2 beautiful children together.
  9. As the sources have reported, Lara Trump has a net worth of $10 million dollars. She accumulated this net worth by working in TV as well as working for Trump.
  10. Her son’s name is Eric Luke Trump whereas her daughter was named Carolina Dorothy Trump.

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