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Harvey Welker And Julie Welker: Everything To Know About Kristen Welker Parents

Harvey Welker And Julie Welker: Everything To Know About Kristen Welker Parents

Harvey Welker and Julie Welker are couples and they have been very popular for being journalist Kristen Welker’s parents. If you have been following politics lately then, you do not even need an introduction to who Kristen really is. She is of course the very popular journalist who has been currently working as a White House correspondent for NBC News

Name Harvey Welker And Julie Welker
Nationality Americans
Profession Engineer (Harvey), Real Estate Agent (Julie)
Married/Single Married
Children Kristen Welker
Education Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering (Harvey)

Interestingly, The Guardian has published that even though the presidential debate was between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Kristen was the obvious winner. Many even agree to this point as they believe that the way she handled the debate can only be done by ‘winners’. Coming back to her parents, do they have other children? According to Heavy, Harvey Welker and Julie Welker do not share other children. 

10 Facts on Harvey Welker and Julie Welker:

  1. Harvey Welker and Julie Welker’s family of three added a new member in 2017 when their daughter, Kristen Welker got married to the marketing executive of Merck, John Hughes.
  2. Talking about Harvey’s profession, he is said to be an engineer.
  3. On the other hand, Kristen’s mother, Julie Welker is considered to be a real estate agent. 
  4. Moreover, various reports claim that both of the couples are registered as Democrats. 
  5. Moving on to their background, Kristen‘s Wikipedia says that Harvey Welker is white while Julie Welker is black. 
  6. Harvey had completed his mechanical engineering at Dartmouth College
  7. Also, he had attended Thayer School of Engineering to complete his Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering
  8. Moreover, he has been working as an ICARUS consultant at WRE, Inc. currently. 
  9. Currently, we have no idea how old they really are but the research is still going on and we will find that out very soon. 
  10. Talking about Kristen’s mother, Julie has been currently serving as the CEO of Coldwell Banker Welker Real Estate.

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