How Old is Actor Burl Moseley? Wikipedia, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Instagram

Burl Moseley

Burl Moseley

Burl Moseley is a man of many talents and hobbies. He is an actor, martial artist as well as a gamer. Having said that, he is most known for his acting performances than any other thing in his life. His raw talent in acting and curiosity led him to explore it more at an early age and that fueled his passion for acting ardently.

Moseley has been part of some great TV shows. Grey’s Anatomy, Black Monday, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are some of the shows he has been known for. Ben is a big Spiderman fan as he is seen cosplaying as Spiderman on his Instagram as well.

Name Burl Moseley
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single
Instagram burlmoseley

10 Facts On Burl Moseley

  1. Burl Moseley is an American actor who is pretty young. I can’t however, say what his age is. That’s because he has never allowed that information to surface out.
  2. Moseley doesn’t have a Wikipedia page but details about his life are on his IMDB page and other fandom websites.
  3. We don’t know where he was born and when he was born. However, I assure you guys, it was in America.
  4. Burl has been active in show business since 2001 as that was the year is first movie 24 was released.
  5. He is a big fan of Jackie Chan as he takes a keen interest in martial arts.
  6. Burl appears to be muscular and well built. However, I have to say we don’t know what his height is.
  7. He is very handsome and could get a girlfriend easily. Despite that, we don’t know if he has a girlfriend or not- his Instagram doesn’t seem to show that he does.
  8. We are clueless about his financial details and that’s why his net worth remains obscure.
  9. Judging from his Instagram, he seems to be a very sociable person.
  10. He has 4398 followers on his Instagram account.

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