How Old is Badlinu? Twitch Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Girlfriend And Instagram

How Old Is Badlinu Twitch? Age And 10 Facts To Know

How Old Is Badlinu Twitch? Age And 10 Facts To Know

Badlinu is a widely recognized Twitch star who has successfully earned a total of 75.9 thousand followers on his official Twitch channel. Well, he is very popular for playing Minecraft and with 31.7 thousand subscribers, we can call him a YouTuber too.

Quick Facts: How Old Is Badlinu Twitch? Age And 10 Facts To Know

Name Badlinu (Freddie)
Birthday June 14, 2003
Age 17 years
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Twitch Star, YouTuber, Gamer
Married/Single Single
Instagram @badlinuu
Twitter @badlinu
Youtube Badlinu

Previously, he owned another YouTube channel named Gaming Sloth back in 2015 but now, he doesn’t upload any videos there. Apart from just streaming games on Twitch, he is also seen using the popular features Music and Just Chatting

10 Facts On Badlinu:

  1. Badlinu’s age details can be found on YouTube Fandom – he was born on June 14, 2003, and hence, he is just 17 years old right now.
  2. Well-known as a Twitch streamer, Badlinu is also active on Twitter with more than 23.6 thousand followers.
  3. Currently, we only know that Badlinu’s real name is Freddie but we are not sure about his surname.
  4. As a professional gamer and streamer, his earnings totally depend upon cash prizes and donations. So, we are not sure if Badlinu has a high net worth.
  5. Since nothing has yet been updated about Badlinu’s relationship status, we are convinced to say that he is currently single and thus has not got a girlfriend.
  6. Moving on, Badlinu has around 30.4 thousand followers under the username of @badlinuu on Instagram
  7. Since he is originally from the United Kingdom, we can confirm that he is a British citizen.
  8. However, according to his Twitter location, he has currently been residing in Miner, Missouri, USA. 
  9. Back on May 13, 2020, he had joined the Minecraft realm owned by TommyInnit. This led him to the opportunity to play with popular gamers like Wisp, RudyInnit, Thunder1408, etc. 
  10. Although he streamed a lot of his games on the realm, he seems not to be active there anymore. In fact, we are unable to find his streams there. 

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