How Old Is Ben Crenshaw Wife?

Who Is Jen Crenshaw? Meet Ben Crenshaw’s Wife

Who Is Jen Crenshaw? Meet Ben Crenshaw’s Wife

Everyone wants to know about Julie Crenshaw age difference from her husband.

Well-known as a celebrity spouse, she has earned fame, all thanks to her husband. Ever since she married Ben Crenshaw, she has proven to be lucky for the former golfer.

Nothing has been fetched about Julie’s professional life. In fact, there’s not even a single site that has published her bio. She is happy to be a part of her husband’s success.

Julie Crenshaw Age: How Old Is She?

Julie Crenshaw’s age is in the 40s. 

However, the exact value is unknown for now. 

However, we predict that she is probably in her fifties. As per our prediction, the age gap between the couple is near about 10 years. Along with her age, we have no idea about her birthday.

Ben Crenshaw Wife Julie Crenshaw And Family

Julie Crenshaw is best known as the second wife of Ben Crenshaw.

The couple had tied the knot in 1985. This means that they have already been married for more than 36 years. Even though it’s been so long, they still love each other the same way they used to love another during their first date.

Before marrying Julie, Ben was married to Polly Crenshaw from 1976 to 1985. According to Golf, Ben took just 10 months to find love again.

Speaking about Ben, he is a professional golfer who retired in 2015. On May 22, 1988, he was ranked 5th in the world, his highest to date. In 2002, he was named in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Meet Her Children

Julie Crenshaw and her husband Ben share three children – Anna Riley Crenshaw, Katherine Vail Crenshaw, and Claire Susan Crenshaw.

Speaking more about her family, she is the sister of Kimberly Forrest. However, we are not sure about her parents and her maiden name.

Moving on, we can find Julie on Instagram and Twitter, where she has earned 4.6 thousand and 1.7 thousand followers, respectively.

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