How Old Is Bradley Robert Edwards? Age, Wife And Family Facts

Who Is Bradley Robert Edwards? Everything On Wiki And Sentencing

Who Is Bradley Robert Edwards? Everything On Wiki And Sentencing

The Claremont serial killer, Bradley Robert Edwards is an Australian who was involved in the case of the disappearance of three Australian women aged 18, 23, and 27. Moreover, he was a suspect and got arrested in 2016 but was held on remand. 

Later, Edwards’s trial began in November 2019 and ended in June 2020 after seven months of hearing and evidence from more than 200 witnesses. Recently, on December 23, 2020, he was sentenced to life in jail on parole for 40 years. 

Name Bradley Robert Edwards
Age 52
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Married/Single Married

10 Facts About  Bradley Robert Edwards

  1. As of now, Bradley Robert Edwards is 52 years of age as he may be born in the year 1968. However, his birthday detail is still unknown.
  2. Bradley Robert Edwards is a native of Australia. Thus, he belongs to Australian nationality. He grew up in the southeastern Perth suburb of Huntingdale.
  3. According to the report published by The Guardian, Claremont murdered Bradley Robert Edwards was sentenced to at least 40 years behind bars.
  4. Moreover, Bradley Robert is expected to die behind bars after a West Australian judge sentenced him with a non-parole period of 40 years.
  5. As of now, Bradley Robert Edwards’ serial killings information has already included on Wikipedia. You all can check out the website.
  6. As per the wiki sources, he was acquitted of the murder of three women named Jane Rimmer, Ciara Glennon, and Sarah Spiers in 1996, 1997, and 1996 respectively.
  7. Moreover, Edwards was also alleged with the rape of a teenager at Karrakatta Cemetry in 1995 and a sex attack in Huntingdale in 1988.
  8. Speaking of his marital status, he seems a married man. Although he is married, we’re unable to reveal his wife’s identity as it’s yet to get disclosed.
  9. As for his family details, his parent’s details are yet to get revealed. But, we’re unknown his parents were landowners who also bought subdivided and developed properties on Gay street.
  10. Bradley Edwards rose into headlines as he was caught for his serial killing of three women and for his sentencing to jail.

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