How Old Is Buzz Aldrin Girlfriend?

How Old is Anca Faur? Age Revealed

How Old is Anca Faur? Age Revealed

There is certainly a noticeable difference between Anca Faur and Buzz Aldrin’s age. How old is she?

Former Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, is creating a buzz with his new partner, Anca Faur. Fans have spotted the couple holding each other’s hand in various events. However, little do people know Anca Faur is an engineer and doctorate holder herself. 

Anca Faur Age: How Old Is Buzz Aldrin Girlfriend?

Anca Faur’s age seems around her 50s.

She celebrates her birthday on May 14 each year. Furthermore, she is a resident of Los Angeles, California. Thus, her nationality is American. 

Anca Faur is Buzz Aldrin‘s girlfriend.

Buzz is a former American astronaut and engineer. He is one of the first two people to step on the moon. Furthermore, Anca Faur seems much younger than her boyfriend, who turned 91 years old this year.

Faur and Aldrin have been dating for quite a while now. She supports her partner in his every achievement. As a fact, the media has captured the couple together in events like Veterans Day Parade and Apollo 11 anniversary. 

Anca Faur Wikipedia Details

Anca Faur’s Wikipedia bio is absent.

Similar to her lover, Anca is an educational scholar. She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburg. Likewise, she is working as the Program Manager for Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells since 2000.

Prior to Johnson Matthey, Faur was employed as the project leader for Union Carbide. Apart from this, she even serves in Buzz Aldrin’s board of directors. She is the vice-president of the company. 

Discover Her on Instagram

Anca Faur’s Instagram is @anca.faur.v.

She has amassed over 200 followers on the social site. Furthermore, she loves sharing pictures with her partner via her IG.

Buzz Aldrin has previously married three times. His first wife was Joan Archer, with whom he has 3 children: James, Janice and Andrew. Likewise, his second and third wives were Beverly Van Zile and Lois Driggs Cannon respectively.

Reports suggest that Anca good relationship with Buzz’s children. The couple currently resides together in Brevard County, Florida. 

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