How Old Is Dr Jeannette Young? Age Wikipedia Husband And Net Worth

Jeannette Young Wikipedia Age: How Old Is She?

Jeannette Young Wikipedia Age: How Old Is She?

Dr Jeannette Young aged 57 is a popular public figure that she is already listed on Wikipedia. Let’s learn more about her in the article given below.

Jeannette Young is a medical doctor and administrator. Currently, she serves as the Chief Health Officer of Queensland, Australia. 

She has been in this service since 2005. Currently, she is the longest-serving chief health officer in Australia. 

Her recommendation to close the state borders in the 2020 covid pandemic was a bit controversial. It is also exposed that she got death threats for her decision.

But her recommendation got implemented, and it did help in the pandemic to control the spreading virus.

How old is Dr. Jeannette Young? Her Age

The actual date of birth of Young is not confirmed yet. There is confusion about her birth year, whether it is 1962 or 1963.

According to this, Jannette Young age might be 57 or 58. 

Dr. Jeannette Young Wikipedia

Dr. Jeannette Young is already listed on Wikipedia’s official webpage.

Her nationality is Australian. She was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales. 

Jeannette completed her high school at St. Ives High School. She holds degrees in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Sydney.

Talking about her career, she had first joined as a doctor in Westmead Hospital in 1986. She was awarded a Masters of Business Administration in April 1995.

Later on August 17, 2005, she was appointed as the Chief Health Officer of Queensland. She is serving as a chief health officer till now. 

Although there were many threats to her, her recommendation to close the borders in the 2020 covid pandemic did help a lot to control the virus.

Dr. Jeannette Young Husband and family

Dr. Jeannette Young is married to Graeme Nimmo. There are no other family details as well as her wedding.

Dr. Jeannette Young Net Worth

Dr. Jeannette Young’s net worth and salary are not revealed yet. She might have a pretty good net worth. 

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