How Old is Edo Saiya? Merch, Wikipedia, Age And Net Worth

Edo Saiya Nationality And 10 Facts To Know

Edo Saiya Nationality And 10 Facts To Know

Edo Saiya is a German Rapper who is immensely inspired by American rap, jazz, soul, and emo post-rock. He is a battle rapper and has played in rock bands. Edo is mostly known for his songs, Besser, recordJet, EP Somnia. His first album, Azur was released in 2018. Edo Saiya has collaborated with artists such as Kid Cairo, Felikz, and Negatiiv OG. 

His songs reflect his lifestyle, his true personality, and drug consumption. His sounds have been called progressive with rock, RnB, and indie feels in them. Saiya appeared in the Splash! Festivals but his Brille Kaputt tour had to be canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quick Facts: Edo Saiya Nationality And 10 Facts To Know

Name Edo Saiya
Gender Male
Height 6 feet
Nationality German
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $68.3k
Instagram @edosaiya
Twitter @edosaiya
Youtube edosaiya

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Edo Saiya

  1. Edo Saiya was born in Cologne, Germany. The exact age and date of birth of the rapper have not been disclosed. He seems to be in his early twenties.
  2. His real name is Timo Bethke. Timo was inspired by Japanese words, Edo Saiya, for his stage name.
  3. He has a Youtube account with 113k subscribers. Edo joined the platform on October 27, 2013, and has 41.2 million total views as of December 2020.
  4. Edo Saiya’s net worth is estimated to be around $68.3k. The salary details of the rapper have not been made public yet. 
  5. He lives a very private life and does not reveal much of his personal details. Edo has not revealed his relationship status or the name of his girlfriend.
  6. Edo Saiya has a Wikipedia page with details about his music career and bio.
  7. There are no details about his height at the moment. By the looks of his pictures, he seems to be around 6 feet tall.
  8. Edo Saiya has a merch store. He has a line of t-shirts and hoodies on the website.
  9. He is active on Twitter with 9.2k followers as of December 2020. Saiya joined the platform in December 2017.
  10. Edo has 116k followers on Instagram. He usually posts about his music on Instagram.

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