How Old Is Eliza Hudson?

Who Is Hey Eliza On Tiktok? Does She Have A Cancer? Details

Who Is Hey Eliza On Tiktok? Does She Have A Cancer? Details

Hey Eliza TikTok and cancer journey have been making her viral all over the world for a while now. Let’s learn more about the kid and her parents.

Hey Eliza, with her real name, Eliza Hudson, is a TikTok star with her videos gaining massive attention and fans. Having cancer got her this tremendous interest from viewers worldwide.

Hey Eliza TikTok

Hey Eliza’s TikTok can be accessed by her username @heyeliza.

Eliza has over 4.6 million followers on her TikTok account with over 233 million likes on her videos. Her account has been active shortly after her birth.

Eliza’s father uses the account and uploads videos about her regular life. The videos also depict her fights with cancer. Her fans have been following and loving her life journey for around three years.

Does Hey Eliza have Cancer?

Eliza is a cancer patient since her birth. 

Eliza has been suffering from chronic cancer disease located in her brain and left kidney. In fact, she had her first chemotherapy in July 2019. 

During Eliza’s diagnosis, she has had her left kidney removed. Besides, the tumor in her brain was also resected. It feels very sad to know she has been fighting the most deadly disease from the very early stage of her life. 

Hey Eliza Age: How old is she?

Hey Eliza’s age is 2 years.

Eliza was born on August 10, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. Leo is her birth sign.

Eliza had not even celebrated her first birthday before she underwent the chemotherapy diagnosis process. Furthermore, she has gone through such a hard period before she has been old enough to know about it.

Hey Eliza’s Family: Who are her parents?

Eliza’s parents are Chance Moore, her father, and Kate Hudson, her mother.

Eliza’s mother, 33 years old, is also a TikTok star with over 1.2 million followers in her account. She mainly shares videos of Eliza on her TikTok.

Eliza’s father, Chance uses her TikTok account. Besides, he also runs several fundraisers programs to financially support Eliza’s diagnosis.

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