How Old is Erika Jayne’s Son Tommy Zizzo?

Tommy Zizzo Age: 10 Facts On Erika Jayne Son

Tommy Zizzo Age: 10 Facts On Erika Jayne Son

Tommy Zizzo is a well-known celebrity kid whose mother Erika Jayne is one of the most known stars of the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Erika is a singer as well as an actress and her most popular acting is in the reality TV series- think about the irony there. Tommy, however, did not join the showbusiness and chose to be a policeman and has been serving as a policeman of the USA.

Tommy was born to father Thomas Zizzo and he grew up in New York. He had a beautiful childhood.

There isn’t a way for us to know if he really had a wonderful childhood but considering the fact that his mother was a moderately wealthy woman in show business, he most probably had a great childhood. Other than that, not a lot is known about Zizzo because he is a policeman and policemen don’t get as famous as actors.

Name Thomas Zizzo
Birthday 1994
Age 26
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Police officer
Parents Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne
Married/Single Unknown
Education Rhodes High School

This is a real nice and nostalgic picture of Tommy with his father and mother in NYC.

10 Interesting Facts About Tommy Zizzo

  1. How Old is Tommy Zizzo’s Age? Tommy Zizzo is 26 years old as of 2020.
  2. He was born in 1994 but the month and date when he was born are not available.
  3. Tommy was born to Thomas Zizzo and Erika Jayne but his parents divorced when he was only 18 months old.
  4. Tommy spent all of his formative years without his biological father.
  5. Thomas Zizzo’s actual name is Thomas Girardi and Erika Jayne is also known as Erika Girardi.
  6. Thomas- Tommy’s father used to be an attorney and a founding member of “Girardi and Keese.”
  7. Tommy attended Rhodes High School in New York and later to Los Angeles Police Department Academy.
  8. We have no idea about his relationship and if he is single or married or in love.
  9. The details regarding his net worth still are mysterious.
  10. We have no idea about his height and body measurements.

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