How Old Is Gordon Cormier Age? Parents Ethnicity

Avatar Last Airbender Announces Cast Update – How Old Is Gordon Cormier?

Avatar Last Airbender Announces Cast Update – How Old Is Gordon Cormier?

How Old Is Gordon Cormier? The young acting star Gordon has reached the age of 11. Know his ethnicity and more.

Gordon is a young actor who is shining in the industry at an early stage of his career. The boy is from Canada.

Netflix: How Old Is Gordon Cormier Age?

Gordon Cormier has reached 11 years old. It means the young star is yet to reach his teenage.

Cormier has his birthday celebrations on the 9th of October each year. The actor will be reaching 12 years of seniority on his next birthday.

Besides, the child actor was born with the full name Gordon Kyle Diez Cormier. He was born and bred in Ontario, Canada. In fact, The Stand star resides in his hometown as of now.

On the other hand, the acting prospect is attending high school at this moment in his life. He is keeping his academic performance matched with the performances in front of the camera.

But we are unaware of the institution where he is receiving education.

Also, Cormier has a height of 4 feet tall. Similarly, he weighs around 55 pounds.

Netflix: Gordon Cormier Ethnicity – Is He Filipino?

Gordon Cormier belongs to a mixed ethnic group. Actually, Cormier is a Filipino Canadian.

It means the boy shares an Asian origin. Talking about his race, he is a White kid.

Some sources on the internet indicate the kid acquired his Asian descent from his mom. But we have no clue when she migrated to Canada.

Similarly, the youngster grew up in a Christian family. But he does not appear to be one of the most religious people around.

Meet Gordon Cormier Parents

Gordon Cormier’s parents are his Canadian father and Asian mother. They welcomed him on October 9, 2009.

Cormier ie yet to reveal the names and identities of his dad and mom. In fact, it is not clear what the two do for a living.

Gordon has shared the pictures of them on his Instagram profile. Actually, the Insta account is run by themselves.

About his siblings, he has an elder brother named Kyle. As a young kid, he always loves spending quality time with his family.

Find Gordon Cormier on Wikipedia

Gordon Cormier still lacks a Wikipedia bio. Yet you won’t need to spend much time knowing him on the Internet.

Cormier is a cast of Avatar The Last Airbender series on Netflix. He will be starring opposite the likes of Kiawentioo Tarbell and Ian Ously.

You can find him on IG with his account name @gordoncormier_official. He boasts over 4.5k followers there.

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