How Old Is Janice Combs? P Diddy Mom Age And Net Worth

Janice Combs Age And Net Worth: Facts On P Diddy Mom

Janice Combs Age And Net Worth: Facts On P Diddy Mom

How Old Is Janice Combs? The rapper, Diddy has celebrated his mother’s 80th birthday at a Lavish Dinner in Los Angeles. The legendary rapper has surprised his mother with $1 Million and a Bentley for her 80th birthday.

It was quite a party as he overwhelmed his mother in front of the guests at the party. Janice looked happier than ever and there wasn’t any more wonderful way to step into the 80s for her. 

Name Janice Combs
Age 80
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Model
Children Keisha Combs, Sean Combs

Just in, Janice Combs is also a former model. However, she is best known for her song, Sean Combs. who goes by the name “Diddy.” He is known for his best-selling albums and he has also appeared in a lot of movies and shows as well. The rapper is considered to be one of the greatest hip-hop sensations. Here are a few facts about his mother. 

10 Facts on Janice Combs

  1. Janice Combs is the mother of the famous rapper and singer, P Diddy. 
  2. Moreover, Janice has just turned 80. She celebrated her 80th birthday with her son and family. 
  3. As a gesture of love, the rapper surprises his mother with a $1 million cheque and a Bentley.
  4. Hence, one would suppose Janice Combs has a net worth of over a million dollars for certain. 
  5. Janice is not married at the moment. She is currently single. 
  6. She does have two children, Keisha Combs and Sean Combs. Her son, Sean is best known as “P Diddy.”
  7. Her husband, Melvin was murdered when Diddy was just 3 years old. 
  8. However, She didn’t marry anyone after the tragic demise of her husband. 
  9. Apart from a celebrity family member, Janice Combs used to be a model in her days. 
  10. Despite his overwhelming fame, P Diddy always makes time for his family. His mother and he appear often on various special occasions. 

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