How Old Is Jeanvictorm From TikTok? Age Height And Girlfriend

Jean-Victor Mackie Aka Jeanvictorm On TikTok , Everything To Know

Jean-Victor Mackie Aka Jeanvictorm On TikTok , Everything To Know

Jeanvictorm from TikTok is 18 years old. Learn more about him. 

Jean-Victor Mackie, also known as Jeanvictorm, is a famous web and TikTok star. Moreover, he is a social media influencer and has thousands of followers on his social media platforms. 

He is mostly known for his appearance on TikTok. He had joined the TikTok community when it was named in July 2019. Over this period, he has gained more than 6 million fan followers. 

How Old Is Jeanvictorm?

Jeanvictorm is now 18 years old. 

He was born on 13 April 2003 in Georgia, United States. His zodiac sign appears to be Aries.

Jeanvictorm Height

Jeanvictorm’s height is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Similarly, his approximate weight is 59 kg. 

Jeanvictrom has got an impressive physical appearance with balanced height and weight. He has a handsome look with medium-length black locks and a darker skin tone. 

Are Jeanvictorm and Ana Sobonja Dating? Jeanvictorm Girlfriend

No, there is no relevant information about them dating right now.  However, we can see them almost always together.

They have done lots of TikTok and YouTube videos together. Also, Jeanvictorm frequently shares her picture on his social media. 

Their togetherness and unusual closeness have resulted in people assuming them to be dating. Moreover, we can see their fans asking them to date each other on the comment section of their social media posts. 

Despite the public opinion, they have always stated their relationship is only limited to friendship. Besides this, there are no rumors of Jeanvictorm dating anyone. Also, he has not talked about his girlfriend yet.

Jeanvictorm on TikTok

Jeanvictorm is using TikTok since July 2019. He had joined the community when it was just launched. Eventually, as TikTok got popular, he also got many fans worldwide. 

Now, he has a verified TikTok account named @jeanvictorm. To this date, about 6.7 million people follow him, and he has collected almost 176 million likes on his videos. He usually makes videos with his friends and siblings. 

Meet Him on Instagram 

Besides TikTok, Jeanvictorm is also an Instagram star. He has an account named @jeanvictormackie, where about 476k people follow him. 

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