How Old Is Kane Trujillo aka Neumane Age? His Drama Explained

TikTok: How Old Is Kane Trujillo aka Neumane Age? His Drama Explained

TikTok: How Old Is Kane Trujillo aka Neumane Age? His Drama Explained

Kane Trujillo, aka Neumane on TikTok is certainly a red hot topic in recent times, but why? Let’s find out the reason behind it in this article. 

Kane Trujillo is an eminent American social media star who has already amassed 2.7 Million followers on his TikTok account. Kane Trujillo is better known as Neumane as he has a TikTok account under his online name, ‘Neumane.’

Basically, he hai gained stardom through his te-in-video comedies on his TikTok account.

Recently, Kane is making headlines as his fans claim that he steals content.

Kane Trujillo TikTok

Kane Trujillo is a popular Tiktoker.

The TikTok handle of Kane Trujillo, aka Neumane is under the username @neumane. On his TikTok account, he has already hoarded 2.7M followers, and 96.9M likes.

Also, he is a creator of “the neu neu,” as seen on his TikTok bio.

Kane Trujillo Age and Height: How Old Tall? 

Kane Trujillo age is 21 years old as of now.

As a matter of fact, Kane was born on 26th January 2000. And, his birth sign is Aquarius.

Moreover, Kane Trujillo hails from Greenville, SC which makes him an American nationality.

Kane Trujillo Girlfriend Explored

Kane Trujillo is happily dating his girlfriend, Katie Belle.

In addition to that, Kane’s girlfriend Katie is also a prominent social media star. She is a well-known musician and also TikToker.

The couple has blissful life together with each other. They seem quite happy and cherished together.

Kane Trujillo Drama Explained

Kane Trujillo is involved in drama having rough times online.

Moving on, he has a truly and incredibly loyal fan base, but lately, things have gone wrong as his fans claim that he does not come up with his own ideas anymore and tries to steal small creator’s content.

Fans have also started tweeting to call out Neumane for allegedly stealing other contents.

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