How old is Kelly Jo Bates and Gil Bates?

Kelly Jo Bates Age: Gil Bates Family, Children and Net Worth

Kelly Jo Bates Age: Gil Bates Family, Children and Net Worth | Bringing Up Bates

Kelly Jo Bates is a reality TV star who is widely known for appearing with her family in the American reality show called “United Bates of America” and its spinoff series “Bringing Up Bates”.  This show revolves around the Bates family which includes Kelly Jo Bates, her husband Gil Bates, and their nineteen children. The mid-season premiere of season 9 of this long-running reality series Bringing Up Bates has returned on UpTV on July 23, 2020. 

It might sound outlandish for a couple to have altogether nineteen children and all of them were born one at a time, no twins or triplets. In this modern and busy world, people have struggled to bring up two or three children but this couple has not only gave birth to but has brought up 9 sons and 10 daughters.

Currently, they are now grandparents to fourteen children. 

Here is everything we know about this woman Kelly Jo bates, who is a baby mama of Gil Bates’ 19 children, including her age, net worth, and family.

Kelly Jo Bates Age

Kelly Jo Bates was born on 26th October 1966 in South Carolina, United States. As of July 2020, Kelly is 53 years old. Her birth name was Kelly Jo Callaham. Her father is from Irish ascent and her mother is from British ascent. Kelly was married to Gil Bates in 1987 and they have been together for more than three decades. She was just 21 years old at the time of her marriage. She gave birth to her first child, Zach in 1988 when she was 22 years old.

Kelly and Gil Bates’ Family

Kelly and Gil Bates met at Anderson University where she used to tutor Gil in science and they married soon after college. Before marrying, Kelly had planned not to have children for at least five years but she got pregnant and gave birth to her first child within a year of her marriage.

She had her first two children at the hospital and the remaining children were given birth at their own home with the help of mid-wife. Their youngest child, Jeb is 8 years old who warn born in February 2012. As of now, the Bates family has been extended with the addition of a total of seven children-in-law and fourteen grandchildren. 

Kelly Jo Bates Children

As I have already mentioned, Kelly Bates is the mother of nineteen children. Her children are of the age range 8 to 31 years old. The nine sons with their respective age are Zachary Gilvin (31), William Lawson (27), Kenneth Nathaniel (26), Trace Whitfield (23), Jackson Ezekiel (18), Warden Justice(17), Isaiah Courage(15), Judson Wyatt(9), and Jeb Colton(8). 

Similarly, the ten daughters with their respective age are Michael Christian (30), Erin Elise (29), Alyssa Joy (27), Tori Layne (24), Carlin Brianne (22), Josie Kellyn (20), Katie Grace (19), Addallee Hope (14), Ellie Bridget (13), and Callie-Anna Rose (10).

As you can see, their children have a lot of siblings and there might be both pros and cons while living and growing up with siblings of such varying age gaps.

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Where it all started- the 19 Bates kids and Mom & Dad! Can’t wait to post more pics from Brittany Cruse & her husband’s recent photo shoot with us at Papa’s 80th party! We had to do the “train” pose cause when they were all little we had them “train up” from youngest to oldest everywhere we walked so that we could fit through store aisles and keep up with all of them! #BrittanyCrusePhotography (Gil, Kelly Jo, Jeb, Judson, Callie, Ellie, Addee, Isaiah, Warden, Jackson, Katie, Josie, Carlin, Trace, Tori, Alyssa, Nathan, Lawson, Erin, Michael, Zach Bates) Scroll for more pics!

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Kelly Jo Bates Net worth

Now you might be wondering, how much is the net worth of Kelly and Gil Bates and how can they afford to provide for such a huge family. Kelly Jo is professionally an actress and reality star who first appeared on TV in 2012.

Her husband, Gil Bates earns around $250k a year and his primary source of income is the reality show in which the family featured. He also owns a company called “Bates Tree Service”.

Similarly, Kelly Jo Bates also earns a lot because of her popularity in the show. Kelly’s estimated net worth is around $1 million approximately. Well certainly, this is Gil Bates’s family and not Bill Gates’ family. However, they are rich with so many family members.

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