How Old Is Luminar CEO?

Austin Russell Net Worth And Salary: Luminar CEO, How Old?

Austin Russell Net Worth And Salary: Luminar CEO, How Old?

Austin Russell, the founder, and CEO of Luminar Technologies has been listed by Forbes as the newest and youngest billionaire. He has been listed as the top 8 entrepreneurs in their 20s who accumulated 10-figure fortunes. 

It is the year 2020, where he has achieved to be in the top 8 billionaires. He founded ‘Luminar Technologies’ when he was 17 years old. His self-driving car technology has been an attraction for many people. Below are 10 facts about Austin Russell that you should know.

Name Austin Russell
Birthday 1995
Age 25
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Net Worth $2.4 billion
Education Stanford University

10 Facts About Austin Russell

  1. Austin Russell is now listed by Forbes as the world’s youngest and newest billionaire. He has successfully made it to the top 8 entrepreneurs who accumulated 10-figures fortunes in their 20s.
  2. Austin Russell is the founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies. Besides, he is an engineer, entrepreneur, and LiDAR industry pioneer for Autonomous Vehicles.
  3. How Old Is Luminar CEO Austin Russell? Auston Russell is a billionaire at 25 years old. He was probably born in the year 1995.
  4. How much does he make? Auston Russel has a net worth and an owner of $2.4 billion.
  5. The youngest billionaire, Auston Russell’s girlfriend details including dating history is unknown.
  6. Furthermore, Austin Russell at the age of 11 began his career in the industry by building optical power transmission systems and supercomputers.
  7. Moreover, Austin Russel was 17 years old when he founded Luminar while he was pursuing research in optical technologies.
  8. Luminar Technologies is an autonomous vehicle sensor and software company which sensors can see 10 times farther and with 50 times higher resolution.
  9. He is a very talented and hardworking person who studied at Standford University and had the internet in technology since childhood.
  10. Similarly, Auston Russell is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world who made it possible by his hard work, determination, and ambition.

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