How Old Is MC Of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?

George Shea Net Worth Age: How Old Is MC Of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?

George Shea Net Worth Age: How Old Is MC Of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Everyone wants to know George Shea net worth. This article features his earnings and age.

George is the personality who turned Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest into a national obsession. Every single year, his contest draws over 25 thousand contestants to Coney Island.

Moreover, the contest is aired on ESPN, and millions are watching it. The theme of the show is to eat as many hotdogs in ten minutes.

George Shea Net Worth Explored

George Shea’s hit contest is the reason behind his huge net worth.

However, we are still unknown about his actual worth. The man himself hasn’t revealed his earnings until today.

As per our predictions, George’s estimated net worth must be in the millions. Gaining a huge number of contestants every single year surely generates a huge sum of money for his contest.

Apart from that, George is the CEO of Shea Communications. He started the company and has been working there since 1997. Moreover, he remains the CEO of Major League Eating. He believes that competitive eating is the battleground upon which God and Lucifer wage war for men’s souls.

George Shea Age: How Old Is He?

George Shea’s current age is unknown.

According to LinkedIn, he started his professional career in 1992. This clearly states that he has worked for over 29 years. Hence, George should be somewhere around his 50s.

Moreover, he is married to his lovely wife, Carlene. According to TIME, she is a writer at WWE and also works as a soap opera producer.

Currently, we are unsure if they share any children. However, we can confirm that his wife supports his career. Well, George has never been open about his family. Nevertheless, we know that he is from an American family.

Meet The MC Of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

George Shea is the MC of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Like every single year, the contest is being held on the 4th of July. Currently, a contestant, Chestnut, has broken the world record by eating 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

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