How Old Is Mortal Kombat Actress?

Matilda Kimber Age: How Old Is Mortal Kombat Actress?

Matilda Kimber Age: How Old Is Mortal Kombat Actress?

Matilda Kimber is an actress despite her young age has been making headlines. Thanks to her recent role in Mortal Kombat.

The teenager has made a fluent start to her acting career as her debut role came in the 2021 martial arts fantasy movie, Mortal Kombat. She portrayed the role of “Emily Young” in the highly-anticipated 2021 film. The movie released on April 23. 

Matilda Kimber Age: How old is the Mortal Kombat actress?

Matilda Kimber is currently just 13 years of age. 

Born in Shanghai, China, the actress immigrated to Australia when she was a child. She is currently based in Adelaide Australia. The actress celebrates her birthday on July 10 every year. Also, her zodiac sign is Cancer. 

She wanted to become an actress from a very young age. As a result, it led her to do modeling. Prior to her debut role in Mortal Kombat, she has appeared in a few commercials and advertisements. 

Matilda Kimber Wikipedia: Get to know the actress

Matilda Kimber doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography but she will surely have one soon enough. 

However, one can find her bio on IMDb where she has a single acting credit. Also, the actress has started getting her wiki on several web portals and fandom sites. 

Moving on, Matilda Kimber is present on Instagram as well. She has already amassed more than 3400 followers on the platform. However, the actress doesn’t use Instagram much as she has made only 4 posts to date. 

Matilda Kimber Nationality and Ethnicity

Matilda Kimber is of Chinese-Australian nationality. She comes from Eurasian ethnicity. 

Moreover, the actress stands at a great height of 5 feet and 8 inches. She has long black hair and brown eyes. 

Talking about her family, she was born Richard Kimber. Matilda also has a sister whose name is Emily. As per her Instagram bio, her nickname is Tilly. 

Matilda portrayed her first-ever role in the 2021 film, Mortal Kombat. The movie is currently premiering on HBO Max. 

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