How Old is Ollie Ball? Age, Height And Bio Instagram

How Old is Ollie Ball? Age Revealed

How Old is Ollie Ball? Age Revealed

Ollie Ball is a Tiktok star and content creator. Despite his age, Ollie attracts thousands of fans.

Tiktok is definitely Gen Z’s fastest way to get famous as in 2021. Needless to say, who hasn’t heard of Charlie Dameilo or Addison Rae? Now, a new Tiktok talent named Ollie Ball hits the social platform with his funny and quirky videos!

How Old is Ollie Ball? Age Revealed 

Ollie Ball’s age seems around his early 20’s

The TikTok star currently resides in the United Kingdom. Therefore, Ollie Ball’s nationality is British. However, his exact birthday and zodiac signs are not revealed to date. Similarly, Wikipedia for Ollie Ball is also not available. 


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At a young age, Ollie Ball is earning a pretty decent net worth. He even sells merchandise such as sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts via his online shop. Likewise, one of his most popular t-shirt lines includes “Chuck or Scran It.” 

Ollie’s Height and Body Measurements

Ollie Ball’s height seems decently tall.

Judging by his videos, Ollie also has a pretty good body. He also has beautiful blue eyes. Nevertheless, his bowl-shaped haircut gives his personality a nice touch. However, Ball’s official body measurements are not available. 

Quick Facts:

Name Ollie Ball
Age 20’s
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Tiktok star
Tiktok ollieball12

With his features, the social star can impress any girl that he likes. However, Ollie Ball currently seems girlfriend-free and indulged in his career. In the like manner, details about his family are also limited. 

Meet Ollie Ball on Instagram Bio

Ollie Ball’s Instagram bio is currently private.

But, you can meet Ollie Ball on Tiktok as @ollieball12. Till now, he has amassed over 684.4k followers on the content-creating site. Moreover, fans have liked his clips a total of over 5.1 million times.


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♬ original sound – Ollie Ball

Ollie’s most popular Tiktok video includes “Festival outfits Pt3”. The video attracts over 2.7 million views. Moreover, popular TikTok star Ethan Payne, aka @notbehzinga, even commented on one of his TikTok videos. 

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