How Old is Ryder James From Tiktok? Age, Height, Instagram

Ryder James: 10 Facts on Tiktok Star

Ryder James: 10 Facts on Tiktok Star

James Ryder might be a new name for you, but he is not new to TikTok users. This TikTok guy has been gaining a lot of followers lately on his TikTok page.  He could be one big TikTok star in the coming days. He is showing good signs of progress, after all.

Name Ryder James
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Comedian/ TikTok star
Married/Single Dating
Tiktok jamesrydercomedy
Facebook James Ryder

He is famous for his comedy skits which he proudly shares on his TikTok account. If you check his Facebook profile, James Ryder has described himself as a comedian over TikTok star. Likely, he is more into comedy stint than into TikTok fame.

Find out who old is TikTok star Ryder James, his height, age, Instagram, and many more here.


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10 Facts on James Ryder

  1. James Ryder is a young and aspiring social media star who is famed for his self-titled TikTok account. You can find him on TikTok as @jamesrydercomedy. His TikTok account has 23.4k followers.
  2. It is not clear when James Ryder began uploading his comedy stints on TikTok.
  3. You can also find him on Facebook. He has described himself as a comedian on his Facebook page.
  4. For now, his Instagram page is missing. He might not have an official Instagram account. 
  5. As seen on his Facebook page, James Ryder also performs on local gigs and stand-up shows. 
  6. Regarding how old and tall is James Ryder, the exact detail of his age, birthday, and height are not public.
  7. As of October 2020, James Ryder could be around 27 years of age.
  8. As seen on his TikTok videos, James Ryder has a tall height. He might be standing around 5 feet and 8 inches tall
  9. This TikTok star is yet to give insights on his girlfriend and love life. Neither he has featured any pretty lady on his TikTok videos with hashtag girlfriend or something similar.
  10. James regularly posts videos on his TikTok page.

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